Fort Lauderdale Travel Guide 2021 – Downtown & The Beaches

This video of Fort Lauderdale is available for Purchase, contact (timelapse footage & Port Everglades is excluded) In this video …

30 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale Travel Guide 2021 – Downtown & The Beaches

  1. Independent Contractor says:

    As a local living here since 1995 I tell ya, everyone loves it here, everyone! So many people want to live here and it’s growing so fast that the cost of living here is completely out of control. But between our beaches and the guitar hotel, it’s completely worth it.

  2. BURSAMAN says:

    Unfortunately Fort Lauderdale is now literally a real shit hole. The sewer infrastructure has failed. Hundred of millions of gallons of raw sewage has been dumped into the waterways. Hardly any life left in the canal system. Nasty. Never swim in it. And the quality of people has hit rock bottom. I have lived here my whole life. It’s time to go. Luckily real estate is way over priced. It’s a good time for me to sell and bail on this once great city.

  3. Adam Taylor says:

    Currently living in Boston. Originally was planning on moving to St Pete after seeing your video on it. Visited St Pete and loved it but I think we have a new contender! I thank you! 2022 lets go!

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