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Fuerteventura – The second largest of the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean. This island is famous for stunning beaches, …

30 thoughts on “Fuerteventura Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Geo Guitar says:

    Not for me. No grass or trees, vegetation, fresh air etc. So they build some houses in a barren, arrid place, not a trace of anything like wildlife and call it a holiday resort. Looks boring and non-eventful. Okay for olfarts maybe. Sure you get the sunshine, but that's it really. The black beaches are ugly. I'd be fed up with the place in app 3 days max.
    Gimme geen grassy, hills, lakes, rivers, trees, animals any day. This sucks.

  2. Philly B says:

    La Vaca Azul restaurant in el cotillo is well worth a visit. Lovely fresh seafood. The canaries also produce very good wine and cheese, you can also get a banana wine called 'platè'.

  3. Rosa Dondiego says:

    fuertevendura e un isola dalle mille emozioni ogni posto e angolo di quell.isola e diverso e diverso dall,altro a volte duro a volte pittoresco dove si possono provare le senzazini piu belle ammirando la conca del vulcano sendendo la brezza del vento e la forza delloceano sono state due settimane bellissime

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