Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico | The PERFECT 2 day travel guide

Guadalajara is the 2nd biggest city in Mexico, and is located in the heart of Jalisco. Surprisingly, this destination is often overlooked by travelers, but I don’t think …

23 thoughts on “Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico | The PERFECT 2 day travel guide

  1. Mario Lara says:

    Great video! Thank you so much, I have a bit of a naive question, does anyone know if I can find anything going on in Plaza del Mariachi on a weekday? Maybe say a Monday?

    Any info is appreciated! Thank you


  2. TCB 101 says:

    WOW, very nice place where you guys stayed. I'm sure it was mucho dineros staying there. When I was in Guadalajara I stayed at a place called DIANA the rooms was around 35 USD a night. Very nice place and also good food. So, are you from Canada and your boyfriend from Brazil or Mexico or whatever Latina country ? Beside whatever so nice to see a Latina being with a white women. Many times it is the other way……………..female Latina the man or boy white.

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