HALIFAX TRAVEL GUIDE | 25 Things TO DO in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Come join us for our Halifax Travel Guide as we cover the best 25 things to do in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada! Hey guys, Samuel and Audrey here, and today …

44 thoughts on “HALIFAX TRAVEL GUIDE | 25 Things TO DO in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  1. Lord Monty says:

    That lobster roll looks like it kind of sucks. Don't get me wrong, I'd eat it. It's just not the quality I'd expect from an east coast lobster roll. It looks like an ounce or two of lobster meat that's had a bunch of canned crab meat filler added.

  2. Crush42 Mash says:

    Can’t wait to go back to Halifax, I lived there in the 90s, still feel part of the community with all the people I stay in touch with.
    Nothing like maritime hospitality, I’ll be flying out in August.
    Great restaurant on Dartmouth side is John‘s lunch out of this world, Peggy’s Cove of course, my daughter wants to go see Netflix show Locke and key house in Lunenburg, Of course we’re going to go to the Oak Island museum, and visit Martinique beach.

    Love from Ontario

  3. Susan Yetman says:

    Loved your video. I am a born and raised Haligonian. I am very impressed with how well you both detailed the city. Digby scallops are the best and we have some of the best beer and wine here. Thank you and hope you both can come back and see the Cabot trail and or Peggys Cove.

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