HAMBURG TRAVEL GUIDE | 10 Things to do Hamburg, Germany on a 24 Hour Visit! 🇩🇪

Hallo and greeting from the northern port city of Hamburg! This is where Sam and I kicked off our recent trip across Germany, and while we only had one full day …

35 thoughts on “HAMBURG TRAVEL GUIDE | 10 Things to do Hamburg, Germany on a 24 Hour Visit! 🇩🇪

  1. Christian Kastorf says:

    The red brick lower levels of the "Elphi" are the former warehouse that was was built there in the 1950s to replace its forerunner that had been damaged beyond repairs in WW II. The entire warehouse system came to its end with the standard container in the 1960s and 1970s. The port moved to the other side of the river. Online or computerized documentation of uncoming and shipped off goods made the "tax-free zone" of the warehouse district unnecessary. Just some 25 or so years ago the warehouse district was fenced offand the canals and fleets acted as "natural" borders and each bridge that led out of it had a tollhouse with a customs officer on duty. The commercial importance of the area has declined since except for two things. Many of the warehouses are rented by importers of oriental carpets. Many of those came to Hamburg because of all that turmoils and suppression in their home countries. The old warehouses with their wooden floors are ideal for storing carpets and rugs, worth many millions all together. And even though coffee now comes in purpose-built insulated containers the main offices of coffee importers are still there where they have been for many years. It is there that samples of each new harvest is roasted in small quantities, brewed by hand and then tasted ( yes, tasted, not tested) by people who have the necessary perfect taste for that job.

  2. Christian Kastorf says:

    When the "Elbtunnel" was built in the early 1900s the engineers used compressed air and airlocks for the caissons to keep the water out. At earlier engineering works the reasons and consequences of the so-called "caisson disease" were either not known or ignored. Workmen need decompression time like a diver who has been under water before they can be exposed to normal atmospheric pressure. The engineers in Hamburg knew about all that and a number of precautions were taken. It may sound cynical but the Elbtunnel had a deathtoll of "only" five: two men died from accidents and three from caisson-disease.

  3. Horst Schlösser says:

    HAMBURG, what a good choice, it's a very interesting city, if you have time please visit the Schifferbörse restaurant and taste the Nordseekrabben. Very interesting the Elbtunnel build in 1911 under the Elbe river. Nice video and we look forward for the next one. Saludos desde Santiago, Chile.

  4. Mariana Baciu says:

    Hola mi familia favorita !!! Como de siempre as hecho un excelente vídeo muy informativo osea un documental muy bueno para la gente que no puede soñar llegar por allí el vídeo es precioso , felicidades !!! Un saludo cordial desde España Valladolid !!! 💋💋💋💋

  5. D Dixon says:

    Hey there, what do you do for transportation locally? You are in your AirBnB yet a tiny mile walk is 10 minutes so getting any place every day can be a pain when you think about it…. always dealing with a ride service or public transit. Ever thought about taking a bike traveling with you? We're about to leave soon for Greece and thinking about folding bikes.

  6. Jason Schriml says:

    So excited that you are back on the road. We tried Neni when we were in Vienna. It was delicious. They are family-owned and have a few locations but hardly a chain. So good. Love trying a hamburger in Hamburg, Sam. Did something similar with Black Forest Cake when were down in the Black Forest. If you are heading that way add that to your list.

  7. Foster mcadam says:

    Enjoyed your video and seeing Hamburg. We visited Hamburg for first time January few years ago. As an ex German student I thought I knew Hamburg until I actually got there. I enjoyed your boat trip and the sights around the port. Any time we were in Germany curry wurst was always a must. Never tried those fish sandwiches you had. I am glad you made it to the Miniatur world. That was the highlight of my trip. I loved all the different scenes of the world and all the detail. I have no doubt you will see similar scenes as you journey to Bavaria. Germany is a fascinating country and so interesting to visit. The Germans do things so well but in their own way which for me can be a bit of a shock at times. The weather wasn’t looking so nice but then it’s the time of year and the north. Bavaria might be a bit different I suspect. Great to see your travels and your descriptions of everything.
    I really enjoyed your video. Thanks.

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