Hawaii (Big Island) Travel Guide 2021 | 11 Tips for THE BEST Hawaii Vacation

From where to stay, to where to eat, to our favorite Big Island Hawaii beaches, here is our ultimate guide to Hawaii. Let us show you around the Big Island!

48 thoughts on “Hawaii (Big Island) Travel Guide 2021 | 11 Tips for THE BEST Hawaii Vacation

  1. Chess Ward says:

    My Alaskan family visited your beautiful state this past September. We stayed in Maui & it was love at first sight. Your videos were extremely helpful in making our decision. Thank you so much! We hope to return this coming February. 😊

  2. derbagger22 says:

    We got to the top of Mauna Kea on September 7th. We got PERFECT conditions for stargazing. No moon, the clouds all settled about 4,000ft below us and you could see the Milky Way with the naked eye. I did some astrophotography and got a shot that looks like Mauna Loa erupting the Milky Way into the sky! The tour guide that was there said we couldn't have picked a better night…

  3. derbagger22 says:

    It is SO FUN watching this video after visiting. Hawai'i was part 1 of a 2 week trip, Alaska was the other. My parents met in Alaska so that was where my heart was saying to spend more time. But my friend and I really LOVED the Big Island. We are already planning another trip, maybe as early as December…

  4. jon ettienne says:

    In my opinion best place to stay is mountain view it's close to the national park it may rain a bit on and off but it's still pretty hot in Hawaii and the cool air is really good at night

  5. Brooke Oliver says:

    Hi and thanks for all the info! This will be mine and husbands first ever trip like this. It’s a once in a lifetime for us, we’ve booked for end of august and will have 4 FULL DAYS..we are staying at Royal Kona Resort, we want to snorkel, see and relax on beaches with drinks, see waterfalls and volcanos…that’s slot of info I’m sorry. I’m excited and lost! Is our hotel a good one? I want to zip,one maybe too👀, should we rent a car? Uber? Please help. I plan on getting your itinerary as well!

  6. alesiacuyler says:

    I’ve booked a vacation for the beginning of December, where do I go to book tours ? I’ll be staying in Waikiki. I want to start booking early to make sure I get some good ones. Also, are there any tours/excursions that shuttle you from your hotel or do you have to have a car to get everywhere? I’ll be staying at the Hilton garden village.

  7. Daniel Garcia says:

    Any tips on booking a car rental? Tried Hawaiian Discount Car Rental but for October, rates are $115 a day! Have the AirBNB and flight booked but the car rentals seem to be quite expensive! Thanks.

  8. Tamara Sheue says:

    I did a lot of those things you suggested!!! My favorite snorkeling adventure ever was the captain cook experience! The water was so crystal clear the day I went that you could see all the plankton floating around! 😀 I want to go back and do the manta ray night snorkel!

  9. Thomas Reto says:

    Great overall videos you two do! Check out the very affordable ohana room rentals on the windward side of the big island if you want to spend a night or two close to the volcanoes national park…Mountainview village is about a 20 minute drive to both Hilo and the volcanoes park…😃🌈🤙

  10. Jim G says:

    It appears that the long term goal of the Hawaiian government is to reduce the number of tourists going to the islands in future years.
    They seem to want to encourage more affluent long term visitors, and reduce the number of lower budget tourists.
    “Lt. Gov. Josh Green says fees will likely be implemented for visitors at places like harbors, bays and hiking trails, but other changes may not come until later.
    “This year, we will have to rely on tourism,” Green said. “In subsequent years, the goal is going to have overall fewer people that come to stay longer. They probably have a larger spend overall, but a much smaller footprint. And that’s the goal.”

  11. Susan Sweet says:

    We just returned from 8 days on Maui and found your Maui Wayfinder Itinerary to be worth every penny. I got my hubby and teenage sons to watch several of your videos before the trip and it made everyone feel more relaxed and excited. Thank you for putting so much passion and FUN into your work creating these itineraries and videos. This one makes the Big Island seems WAY more appealing than I would have expected!

  12. Dallas Larson says:

    You guys are so awesome we leave for Maui two weeks from today! Could you guys help me understand what some of the rules and regulations are for flying drones in Hawaii? Want to make sure I don’t do illegal things with it😂

  13. Sabrina says:

    Thanks for the great information. ☺️I had no idea Hilo is the wet side of the island. Do you believe Mauna Kea summit is a worthwhile tour? We are spending most of our time on the island of Oahu however, since inter island travel is available after June 15th I would love to see Volcano National Park. Is a short visit worthwhile? Thanks!

  14. Sue Hofkamp says:

    This was good information. Your filming, editing and presentation for your videos is outstanding. Thank you for all the hard work you do to make your videos top notch and enjoyable. I can’t wait to get to the Big Island in October.

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