Honolulu, Hawaii Travel Guide

Honolulu, a modern metropolis on the most remote island chain in the Pacific Ocean.. It’s the capital of the Aloha State, where the palm trees sway and the …

28 thoughts on “Honolulu, Hawaii Travel Guide

  1. RyanJay 707 says:

    I booked a $200 ticket round trip ticket from the Bay Area CA, booked a $300 dollar private room in a 9.2 rated hostel for a 4 day 4 night stay in September and in October.

    Planning on spending at least a 100 to 200 dollars a day but doubt that I’ll spent that much. I’ll mostly be on the beach, drinking (that’ll I’ll be making myself) and eating at local plate lunch spots and maybe do a nice dinner at Dukes or maybe some nice Japanese Sushi spot. So I’ll roughly spend with room and board 1,000 to 1,500 dollars.

    I can’t wait to be back and great video!

  2. Paulina Undurraga says:

    i loved how down to earth you are, how you provide practical tips, and show how you attempt to do the hikes, and surfing etc. We are not all gorgeous, with unlimited budgets. I have never been myself, so will look for more of your videos.

  3. Aytenew Workneh says:

    Informative information. I really admire you advise and guide line with out any motives or influence. Keep up your efforts to make sure of determining my life is comes from your influence. I watched from your beginning. Cheers

  4. Hamid Shafizadeh says:

    Hello . My brother

    The island of Hawaii is an Iranian name, as is the island of Hono Lu Lu

    Hawaii in Persian means the place where the weather is mostly stormy. And Hono Lulu means an island that is as beautiful and luminous as an oyster

    There are many Iranian artifacts in Hawaii that have been deliberately destroyed by the West, but there are traces of ziggurats (pyramids) that were dedicated to the sun and the "fire worship" of the ancient Iranians.

    The Israelites learned the tradition of circumcision from the Iranians

    Cyrus rescued the children of Israel from captivity in the city of Babylon and they lived in Iran for 300 years. Meanwhile, the children of Israel did not know anything about sailors and geography and their number was very small and the children of Israel are generally cowardly and ambitious people.

    God bless

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