How Expensive is it to Travel Japan? | Budget Travel Tips

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25 thoughts on “How Expensive is it to Travel Japan? | Budget Travel Tips

  1. Abroad in Japan says:

    I MENTIONED I travelled with some friends for two weeks; the total cost of our accommodation and transportation came in at £530 ($690) each. On top of this we spent at least another £600 each on food/drink, as it was their first time to Japan and they wanted to splash out and try everything. So in total around £1100 for the two weeks (NOT including their return flights to Japan from the UK). IF you have any budget travel wisdom, please share away below!

  2. TAN ZI YI Moe says:

    Hey, you didn’t mention anything about riding a bike ACROSS Japan 🇯🇵, where do u even go to rent those and what beings bother to waste their money to buy an new bike just cause they don’t care about returning the bikes.

  3. Wayne Emde says:

    You didn't mention that most business hotels include breakfast with the cost of the room, great bathrooms with all the soaps, etc that you need, a tv and once in Kanazawa, my room had a computer. They are usually located very close to the train stations as well. My go-to accommodations when I'm traveling about on my rail passes, but I'll certainly look into the domestic flights when things open up and I can return.

  4. Pivitrix says:

    1200 yen for all you can drink? here in Norway, at a pub. You easily pay the equivalent of a thousand yen, for a single standard 4.5% half liter pilsner. Basically, don't drink out.

  5. Michael Morse says:

    My dream would be to go to japan. Its the one place in the world that would make every day an adventure. No wonder the birth rate is so low. There's too much fun shit to do besides have kids.

  6. Fruity Pebbles says:

    It would be interesting if you did an updated version of this video that covers the changes in the country after the coronavirus pandemic and the Olympics. I assume there would be a lot more accommodation available now due to lower tourism and all the housing built for the olympics, and therefore visiting would be cheaper?

  7. Matt M says:

    As a former Japan resident I can only urge you to avoid the night bus. I personally couldn't sleep, stretch, move, get comfortable. Just my 2c, but they're horrible IMO. (I'm 180cm tall)

  8. James Luckhurst says:

    This is 5x the price of food and accommodation in my country. Nice video but all you did was prove that visiting Japan is ridiculously expensive for very little in return. The rail pass for my entire country is less than 15% of the price of the Japanese equivalent.

  9. Justin Kayce says:

    Just me, but I’d never recommend a chain food place u less you’re in a pinch. Local places are arguably just as cheap at times, food selection is more diverse, and the experience is free.

  10. CHARrrrrrrrr says:

    I found the train travel pass only worked out if you literally travel the whole circular route from Tokyo and back again. If you don’t want to go to Hiroshima for example, it was much cheaper to buy local trains and take a domestic flight from Tokyo to Osaka. It was also more fun trying to figure out the local trains, took about 3 days to learn the colour system and train companies 👍👍

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