How the Top 1{12475aba99fbbdf56eb8cf142f8fea6ec42c6e82e2efd03308c3f41cc5142c03} Vacations in Miami | Miami Luxury Travel Guide

This is how the top 1{12475aba99fbbdf56eb8cf142f8fea6ec42c6e82e2efd03308c3f41cc5142c03} vacation in Miami. If you’re looking to travel Miami in the most luxurious way possible – check this out and get inspired! Interested in …

24 thoughts on “How the Top 1{12475aba99fbbdf56eb8cf142f8fea6ec42c6e82e2efd03308c3f41cc5142c03} Vacations in Miami | Miami Luxury Travel Guide

  1. Jim Jones says:

    Love your videos and you spit good game on how it works. And yes I agree with some of those in the comment section that you must be getting shadowbanned, because there is no way your youtube channel and content and superb media and editing shoulding have your channel at least 1.5 million subscribers. I know it has to be happening because I haven't been getting any notices on my page on your channel when I have been watching alot of your vids.

    Keep up the good work, you inspire me.

  2. Eric Powell says:

    @8:40 People always misquote the Bible, especially black folks. Money isn't the root of all evil. It says, "The [LOVE] of money is the root of all evil". (1Timothy 6:10) So, live big, brother. You have one life to live.

  3. Ed Cenatus says:

    Bruh the way I see it. Money ain’t met to be kept. It’s meant to be used as it multiplies. If you got it. Waste it. Just make sure you have a lot left over. When you die that shit won’t go with you. Fuck it all 😆 eat well sleep well live wellllllll

  4. J R says:

    Here is the dilemma that he is not showing you: Most of the 1{12475aba99fbbdf56eb8cf142f8fea6ec42c6e82e2efd03308c3f41cc5142c03} are not show-offs. I come from similar beginnings and I have low 7 figures cash. I invest my money and live off my passive income. If you work for your money and have a large monthly outflow. One hiccup can be financial ruin. Money is like seeds. You can plant the seeds and grow a harvest or you can eat the seeds and have a fantastic meal.

    Ex. If you spend $15k a month. That's $180k a yr. You would have to invest $3.6 mil to earn this passively.
    If you run a business with employees and have an after tax profit of 25{12475aba99fbbdf56eb8cf142f8fea6ec42c6e82e2efd03308c3f41cc5142c03} you only need revenue of $720K

    All this might seem reasonable but there are hidden cost. Looking good and showing off is a full time endeavor. Beyond living expenses you have clothes, food, travel, social events and the biggest expense family and significant others.

    Take whatever they say as there monthly nut and multiply by 3x.

    It's very hard to get to the 1{12475aba99fbbdf56eb8cf142f8fea6ec42c6e82e2efd03308c3f41cc5142c03} but its even harder to stay there. All these fancy ways to spend money is targeted towards the NEW RICH to help them part with their money. Tv stars, athletes, crypto millionaires and smart business people alike.

    Golden Rule: It's not what you make but what you keep. All that glitters is not gold. Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. Actually don't even believe that half.

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