How to Travel Tunisia – this is a comprehensive travel guide for your first time traveling to Tunisia, a traveler’s paradise. In this video, I will go over a 7 day road …

32 thoughts on “How To Travel Tunisia (COMPLETE TRAVEL GUIDE)

  1. MrJimmienoone says:

    I would absolutely recommend visiting El Djem with its amphitheatre and Bulla Regia where you can see some of the best preserved ancient Roman houses with mosaics. And try Ojja aux merguez if you love hearty food.

  2. chahine maaloul says:

    great video and i think its to bad to travel a female alone in tunisia ( im from tunisia) and its a really bad place if a woman go alone so u probably have to take ur guy friend or boyfriend or u can just find a guy who talks english in there cuz we dont english a lot in tunisia we only speak french and arabic

  3. Fourat sakka says:

    Nice video. I just want to say that you can wear whatever you want in Tunisia, especially in the north. The constitution, the laws and the secular culture of society guarantee that. Tunisia is one of the most liberal Arab countries. The nightlife is thriving in Tunis (Gammarth area), Hammamet and Sousse. Also, you didn't visit so many good places such as El Jem Coliseum, the synagogue in Djerba, and cities like Mahdia, Monastir, Sousse, Bizerte and Tabarka.

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