How To Travel With One Bag | Minimalist Packing Tips For Carry On Luggage

Traveling with a carry on is easy if you plan things right. That’s why we’ve partnered with Huckberry to help you decide what and how to pack. Check out their …

30 thoughts on “How To Travel With One Bag | Minimalist Packing Tips For Carry On Luggage

  1. Worldwave says:

    This is a super cool video. I was wondering what your guys' opinions are on Hazard 4's Bandolier? it's their closest bag to a tech sling and the hard/soft-shell design is super cool.

  2. LynnB says:

    I find these videos interesting every time you guys do them because some of the tips that you guys give are the exact opposite of what I choose. Not that there's a wrong way to one bag travel or anything but I generally prefer bags that don't look like squares because they typically scream I have everything I own in my bag and a more traditional looking backpack screams this is just my Daypack nothing to see here. It's not perfect but I like the aesthetic better and I feel like I stand out a lot less to pick pockets. I also prefer bags that are not clamshell-style because I found that most of them because the zipper goes across the bottom of your bag they tend to sag weirdly, even if you pack strategically. I had one once and while it was a great bag, I always had to pack it a little funky to get it to carry comfortably and the second I put a tablet in the front pocket, all my careful weight distribution didn't really matter.

  3. Endless Travel says:

    Love the channel, im working on packing my whole life into 1 bag and getting back out in the world. Great stuff…Got the Nomad 20l because of your review and still looking around.

    Love it

  4. Craig Viper says:

    layers are the key for clothing. t-shirt. shirt. light weight fleece. pack away jacket. the way to go for colder climates. you can easily layer down when it gets warmer whilst keeping the warmth. cargo trousers for keeping passport or wallet to hand.

  5. GM T says:

    Great stuff! I wish I'd had this information before my world tour in 1995. My bag was almost as tall as I am. And my friend bought 8 ceramic bowls at our first stop in London. I thought she'd shipped them home, but no, she still had them at our last stop in Italy 2 weeks later! "Pack light" was never something I understood until I found this channel.

  6. Rocío A. says:

    I am using the Osprey Farpoint 40 but sometimes I feel like I am filling it up too much. It is comfortable and also the hip belt strap helps to not carry all the weight on the shoulders. I usually use it for trips from 2 days to 25 days. I like the quality it has, although perhaps there is a better backpack.

  7. Steph Clarke says:

    Perfect timing! I'm about to do my first one bag trip in over 18 months! My bag is 6×13×17 to stay within the personal item size. Packing for 5 days of late fall Canadian weather. It's going to be great!

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