I Never Expected this in Ghana | Accra travel guide with wode maya & Stella shanelly

In this video, I toured the city of Accra ghana said to be the most peaceful country in Africa with my Ghanaian friends @WODE MAYA and @Stella Shanelly from …

33 thoughts on “I Never Expected this in Ghana | Accra travel guide with wode maya & Stella shanelly

  1. Heart to Heart with Fabrisca says:

    High quality videos as usual …Ndukwu always topnotch 👍am looking for to the real estate video cos havent been to Ghana but won't might going there for vacation with family…but let me see the real estates and other videos you have from there.
    Well done 👍👍

  2. Tea Nelson says:

    As a black American out of the 313(Detroit🙌🏾🇺🇸)I love watching food videos but it seems folks only go to the same places never hardly Africa countries so watching videos showcasing not only the continent and her beautiful countries please more on the food culture of this great and ancient continent and her countries and her people.

  3. Goodmorning Aburi says:

    This is the best video I have seen in Ghana 🇬🇭 so far. But I heard there are illegal Fulani people moving there a lot so they need to be carful. Legal immigrants are welcome 🙏 but we still want to maintain our peace.

  4. Nana Adoma says:

    So what did you expect mr, naija, Please take your insults and go away.
    You sit in your Country Nigeria and think Ghana is tbe biggest Village in Africa,
    Then you Come and See great things and you Cannot believe it, I wish no Nigerian will Come and Enjoy my country Ghana because You don't deserve Us.

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