Iceland Travel Guide – A Ring Road trip around Iceland

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42 thoughts on “Iceland Travel Guide – A Ring Road trip around Iceland

  1. mvie tutorial pravee says:

    Allan, I am speechless after watching your video. Splendid!! That was one of the best travel videos I watched in recent times. Could you give me list of gears you were carrying in your camera kit. Do you need permit from local authorities to take drone shots.

  2. Chuck Hall says:

    Very informative. Beautiful scenery and landscape. The drone shots were stunning as well. Thank you for your commentary and your Icelandic name pronunciations. Thanks for sharing.

  3. John Balk says:

    I'm going in a couple weeks. Rented a camper van as well. So happy i found this video because it's pretty much exactly everything I wanted to do and see. This is absolutely perfect to plan my days. Wonderful job.

  4. Best Bytes says:

    Do not travel as human being is the most dirty creature on this planet. We have so much waste in our body that need to discharge into the wild. And who will clean our waste? Let us stay at home and watch the places via youtube.

  5. anonymous says:

    Why can't more travel videos be like this; instead, they have tacky sounds, loud commentary, shaky videos & an annoying voice. 10 min video with 1 min info. In contrast, this was such an informationally dense & calming video 🙏🏼. Outstanding work!

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