Intro to Solo Travel: Tips for Your First Time Traveling Alone

Solo travel opens up a world of opportunities and experiences, which is why we’re partnering with Backcountry to encourage you to get outside and find your …

32 thoughts on “Intro to Solo Travel: Tips for Your First Time Traveling Alone

  1. thew4lker says:

    My first ever abroad travel was also mi first solo one, to Cuzco Peru. The greatest plan was of course going to Machu Picchu, all the way from Cuzco to Ollataytambo train station, and from there to Aguas Calientes. Calling it one of the seven wonders of the world really makes it justice! The thing is that the trip back to Cuzco wasn't considering getting off on Ollataytambo again, which i did by mistake. So i ended up stranded at the train station, unable to get a train back since they already ended operation for the day. A cab was an option but it would have fared a lot of money since is was a couple hours worth of time. At the end i learned how to go back by bus with many locals and i managed to arrive back at my hotel by midnight.
    Talk about making mistakes 😛

  2. Alex Castillo says:

    Thank you, I've always traveling solo and all the tips you've mentioned will definitely makes everyone's travel enjoyable and fun. Safety and being alert at all times on new location is a must.

  3. Liz Cornett says:

    Back in the summer of 2009 I went backpacking across Europe with a really large Osprey porter bag. Wish I had known about minimalist travel back then. Anyways, while in Rome I took the public bus to get around and on my second night I didn’t think to check the bus schedule…I rode all the way to Vatican City and turns out it was the last stop at maybe 10 pm. The driver and another worker felt sorry for me and let me ride with them back to the station. It was a long walk back to the place I was staying.

  4. tribaljavi says:

    18 years ago I went on my first solo trip to Rome and school in the country side. So many mistakes! I packed a huge rolling suitcase filled to the brim. I paid $60 for a taxi cab to my hotel from the airport! I didnt realize the humidity and almost died a few times of heat exhaustion.

    Cut to today, I have my Peak Design 45L, all my packing cubes and even leave room for souvenirs and clothes I may buy on my travels. I use everything in my bag now.

  5. karmacolonic says:

    Great tips and encouragement…. I'd just add the 'pack less rather than more' maxim to maximize mobility and freedom, especially when you're out on your own. Nothing is as satisfying as having a light pack and the ability to go anywhere at any time. 😉👍

  6. Dave Young says:

    Great video and useful tips! I'm in the uk and are planning a 3week US trip for 2023 where i want to go to seattle, philly and new york, a week in each. It will most likely be a solo trip which kinda excites me even though at the same time it would be cool to go with a travel partner, however I'm planning already as a solo trip for now. I've already been making lists of attractions and things i want to see in each city, restaurants i want to check out, transportation options, live music venues etc etc

  7. Werdna Thgiel says:

    First solo trip, i flew into Xi’an. I found the cheap flight on google flights a few days before and never heard of the city before. I landed early and nothing was open. A guy in a non-taxi tried to take me to my hotel which i declined. He found me a taxi after i convinced him I’m not getting into his car. After he found the taxi, i got in, he walked over to the driver and handed him some money and was talking in Mandarin which I did not understand. I nope’d right out of that taxi and spent the next 30 minutes trying to find my own with google translate. Who knows where that taxi driver would have dropped me off at.

  8. DorkVania says:

    Solo travel means no one else is bothered by my food allergies and I can dally at spots as long as I want to get the picture I want! That said, I've has problems with large groups being pushy. When it's just you, it's easy to get pushed out and people try to pressure me to give up my table. The worst was at a cider tasting where I couldn't even get to the bar during my scheduled time. People were just being so pushy to make sure their friends had really good spots and weren't crowded. I missed most of the tasting.

    But I do prefer solo travel as I like long haul trains and cold weather, which is not the most usual of tastes. Sadly, most excursion trains take couples only so someday I need to find a fellow train lover. There is no 'solo supplement', you just can't buy a solo ticket at all and going solo would be super awkward.

  9. Paul Ho says:

    Damn, I want a small warehouse like that to keep better inventory of my gear.

    Fully love that directive of just exploring, whether that's walking in a straight line or following whatever route comes your way. Without making it too complicated, I like to turn if I hit a red light. If I end up walking around the block once it twice, it's not the end of the world. I like to listen to see if there's an event in the distance too. Live music is intoxicating and crowds know if they're good or not.

  10. Nick Bowman says:

    Just had my first solo travel experience and the first time alone in a foreign country this week as I begin study abroad in Scotland. Delays, airport sprints, plenty of caffeine and adrenaline … nothing better. Excited to explore the UK!

  11. Heliocentrism says:

    My first solo trip was to China in the middle of winter. I went to Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xian, Chongqing, and Wuhan. There were times when I asked myself, "Why did you do this to yourself? Why didn't you pick a warmer country where you're not completely illiterate?" But overall, I had lots of fun. I even went back to China several times, though not in the winter. The best country to solo travel IMO is Vietnam. When I went there, both with my husband and as a solo traveler, I was also meeting people to travel with for a few days. Then I'd meet a new set of people to travel with. I'm still friends with a lot the people I met.

  12. Kota W. says:

    I was always told that single female travelers should wear a fake wedding ring to make themselves less vulnerable as a target. Is this still a thing? I've always wondered if this was effective advice.

    Also, I would love to see a women's travel advice video. A lot of stuff is applicable to everyone, but there are some things that men just don't have to worry about nearly as much.

  13. Patricio Benavente says:

    There are many ways of traveling. Depending on the time: Weekend travel, vacations, year around the world, nomad.
    I been a nomad for 6+ years. And my best tip is:
    You are alone only if you wish. There are nice people everywhere.

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