Isle of Skye – Scotland Travel Guide

The Isle of Skye in Scotland is one of the prettiest places on the planet. Full of natural beauty and pretty rock formations. But what’s it like to actually visit it?

49 thoughts on “Isle of Skye – Scotland Travel Guide

  1. Mspi Onage says:

    This was apparently the largest mountain range on the planet during Pangea. After many eons it has eroded of course but supposedly the Highlands made the Rockies look flat, they were supposed to be monumentally massive.

  2. Mark Halliday says:

    You should visit Isle of Lewis/Harris. The beaches are just 😍. Best way to see the island is to get a Ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway, then tour Lewis and then head down to Harris. You can then get ferry to Isle of Skye.

  3. Tasbil & Co says:

    Thnx mate for the video…. Going there in july for a week from london… Long drive… But dont care…. I have a soft spot for scotland… Drove to scotland twice in last three year & gladly… will do it this july again…

  4. Duncan Taylor says:

    Thanks for that mate, brought back lots of memories! Neist Point lighthouse used to have self-catering accommodation in the keepers cottages, we stayed there for a week ages ago, memorable holiday, the windows were covered in spray when it was rough. One of the best views on Skye is the Cuillin from Elgol, with an epic drive to get there. Fortunately, most tourists don’t make it that far.

  5. David Angus says:

    Beautiful island – but the secret is out now! Always lots of campervans on the roads in the summer. Go slightly off season – April/May or October and you'll find it a lot quieter!

  6. R2DRONE2 says:

    Although I quite liked your video and commentary, there are a couple of mistakes. The Fairy Pools are a series if small waterfalls in a little river running down from the Cuillin Hills, you will not find any seals. The sea stacks at 4.50 are on the north coast of the mainland. Also, the Q in Quiraing is pronounced as a K. Thanks for the memories though.

  7. NW Social says:

    Lovely thanks; my son was there last week but it was misty until the last day. Railroad is Railway – is this where they filmed Harry Potter? It is a Via – duct to rhyme with higher and car *park. This is where they filmed the BFG.

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