Istanbul Travel Guide 2021: Sight, Sound, and Taste of Turkey

This is our Istanbul Travel guide for 2021 Istanbul became our inspiration with its magnificent food, whirling dervish, friendly people, and animals all around.

38 thoughts on “Istanbul Travel Guide 2021: Sight, Sound, and Taste of Turkey

  1. Dhar Maitri says:

    I did love the city but it was also thanks to you guys. Your takes, the editing, your choice of music it was all so lovely. You're both adorable. Where next? Greetings from Mexico City Amigos!

  2. Seren says:

    Lovely video. Thanks for that. I can recommend you some Turkish music. Just for other videos. First song you used in the video is also Turkish but from other Turkish countries I think. And It is very nice to hear, thank you! Anatolian Rock or 60s-70s-80s pop songs can be very lovely. Thanks again! I should add this. Turkish coffee is served with water. During Ottoman Empire times, the host can't ask their guests "are you hungry", it may little rude. If the guest drink coffee first, the guest isn't hungry. but if the guest drink water first, the host must prepare food for their guest. Now, it isn't used.

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