Kakadu National Park, Kakadu Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Kakadu National Park – Step back in time to a wilderness unspoiled by human occupation. Check out the top spots to explore in this remarkable sanctuary.

47 thoughts on “Kakadu National Park, Kakadu Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. serverlan 7 says:

    Overrated and extraordinarily expensive for what little you can do there. Mostly consisting of Thousands of square kilometers of featureless burnt bush and grassland. You can stay at an overpriced hotel in Jabiru and pay an arm and a leg for a loaf of bread at the understocked and expensive supermarket and Service Station. Just make sure you lock your car because there is an underlying element of crime and the wrecked and abandoned cars on the side of the road are a testament to the culture of one particular minority group that lives in the region.
    You can visit a few lookouts and billabongs but the rest of the park is locked up and you are locked out. It's like the NLC and the Traditional Owners want your money but they don't really want you there.
    There are many other places in the world I would visit before Kakadu National Park.

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