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Kaohsiung – Taiwan’s busiest harbor. Located in southwestern Taiwan, this city boasts scenic seaside spots, magnificent mountain views, and captivating …

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  1. Pink Flamingo says:

    The Lotus Lake area is lovely to spend a day and taking photos in the area. There are some very cheap glass beads jewelry for sale around the temple area. And loads of souvenirs and traditional items to be found in the area. Definitely worth a visit. There are many little hop on hop off buses which leave from the station area to the Lotus Lake area and it cost very little money. Really enjoyed walking around the Love River area. Really interesting and very relaxing city. Directly behind the Kaohsiung Main Station is a clothing market area which is very cheap. One crosses over the rail tracks with a bridge (on the right side when standing in front of the station) and turn left after crossing over. Super shopping area there with colorful umbrella roof from one end of the street to the other end which makes for great photos.

  2. Kiayung Ko says:


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