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  1. 돈데크만 says:

    South Korea is the only continental ethnic group in East Asia that has not been absorbed by China for thousands of years. We have struggled with China Japan Mongolia for thousands of years and have our own language and writing culture. I am proud of the fact that our culture has been preserved for thousands of years.

  2. mario victoto says:

    NEVER TRAVEL TO KOREA I'll tell you my experience in korea the people in korea are absolutely rude to strangers. There are even only a few sights. The atmosphere is totally boring. The people are totally unwilling to help and behave very badly to strangers. They even curse strangers as they walk by. NEVER RECOMMEND The streets are dirty Mill landfill is on the street

  3. Gannosuke Ashiya says:

    The most anti-Japanese nation in the world Korea!70{12475aba99fbbdf56eb8cf142f8fea6ec42c6e82e2efd03308c3f41cc5142c03} of Koreans are hostile to Japan❗️
    Many Japanese want diplomatic relations with Korea‼️

  4. Aswad says:

    You need to specify the destinations that need to be visited! Put the names of the areas, please! I am considering a one month or two weeks vacation in South Korea do you think that it is possible to see all of that in one month?

  5. 세너제이 says:

    hello! I'm student in korea. it appear to be imprudent for me to assess your creation, but i want you to take a step.
    first of all, I think that this video emphasized the tradiotional beauty and people leading a life in korea.
    But It seems to be too vague and outdated to refer to the best video for real korea. as i am a client also taking advantage of your company to travel foreign country, i hope it to be updated likes other country.

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