Kyiv (Київ) – 20 things to do Kiev, Ukraine Travel Guide

Join us as we visit Kyiv (Київ) for the first time covering numerous attractions and things to do in the city of Kiev, Ukraine in this travel guide. Kiev city is a …

37 thoughts on “Kyiv (Київ) – 20 things to do Kiev, Ukraine Travel Guide

  1. Joe Hoe says:

    There is something dark and scary in this country(city) I have the feelings they don't care a bit- very materialistic without any morals selfish people…Is my impression….I don't take it lightly saying this espec.on Audrey and Samuel channel. But being a tourist is great – but that can be anywhere in the world isn't ? You have to be careful not to be drugged scammed and kidnapped there. I am just honest about my opinion…

  2. Alex D says:

    My guess why it was so hard for you to get to that church, you got off at wrong station 'Dnipro' that is at the bottom of the hill.
    Instead you had to get off at the next station 'Arsenalna', after exiting you go left passing great Constructivism style hotel 'Salut', WWII memorial, Museum of Holodomor.
    Upd: okay I watched further, you figured it out))
    I would not recommend to visit Kyiv Pechersk Lavra till Ukraine will get full control of Lavra from russians that occupied it. You basically pay the money to russians and prices are unreasonably, if not scam.

  3. Drifter Travels says:

    Hello, hope you guys are well, miss your (non-Canada) travel videos. Wonder if I could ask your opinion…I’m planning my post-covid trip to Europe next year, starting in Budapest in September then heading to Lviv in October. After that could either keep heading east to Kiev or go back west towards Krakow. If you could only go to either Kiev or Krakow in November where would you go? Cheers!

  4. RichieGibBoy says:

    Absolutely great video thanks for posting I was supposed to be going in September but its been put off until end of march next year I really hope it goes ahead because after watching this video I cannot wait.

  5. Scott Clemens says:

    Churches especially ancient ones are interesting if designed well. Orthodox churches may give us an idea of how Catholic sunday services used to be like in 988 AD, when the church broke up for the first time into two factions: catholic and Orthodox churches.

  6. Sam says:

    Are there people in Ukraine who speak English? I want to go on a Chernobyl tour and they all start from Kyiv. Also, at 5:13 what is the name of the elevated bridge-looking thing that goes over the river?

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