Kyoto Travel Guide – The Best Things to Do in Kyoto for First-timers

Welcome to my Kyoto travel guide. I made this video for anyone visiting this magnificent city for the very first time. The video guide will cover all the basic things …

34 thoughts on “Kyoto Travel Guide – The Best Things to Do in Kyoto for First-timers

  1. TJ Yang says:

    Your video really brings back the memory of me and wife when we visited Japan, through your video I felt the connection between your vlog and our trip, we hope one day when the pandemic is over we’ll visit again to explore places that we missed. Thanks Allan.

  2. Schilddruse says:

    This video is amazing! It's one of the very few that actually deserve to be called a guide. Very informative! I wish I had seen this before I went there last year and found a lot of that for myself. If I had known these things earlier my trip would have been much less messy and I might have been able to see more of this beautiful city.

  3. Imelda De Forest says:

    Thank You for making these beautifully shot videos. I hope to someday visit these places. You have the best vlog on Japan travel ! Your narration and recommendations are really really good.
    BTW , are do the menus in restaurants in those cities translated in English?

  4. Lisa Beth Klein says:

    You captured the spirit of kyoto with your beautiful cinematography. I was there last year, and I cannot wait to go back. I have to say, I love your photo style. I have a Sony mirrorless camera as well, and I love taking videos. I'm hoping to get a gimbal in the near future for my travels. Though I'm sure the editing has alot to do with the final look. I'd love to see your photo/video process!

  5. HannahWantsAllTheShoes says:

    Thank you for making this beautiful video. I've been fascinated by Japan since I was little but haven't been – YET! My husband and I are a little bit nervous about visiting Japan because it's a world away from anything we've ever experienced and the language alone is going to be a challenge but this video will really help.

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