Ladakh of Uttarakhand – Covid 19 Travel Guidelines

+ How to reach, permits and accommodation details in Nelong Valley. A list of places we have visited – 1. Harsil – Everything is yellow here (literally) 2. Dharali …

27 thoughts on “Ladakh of Uttarakhand – Covid 19 Travel Guidelines

  1. Vikash Bhandari says:

    Visited Gartang Gali like week. The entry to the skywalk is not free anymore, Indian National are required to pay 150 and 600 for foreigners. Just wanted to say thank you for covering my home town and nearby places. 🌸

  2. suearmaniac says:

    The kind of shots you have been taking recently 😍😍🥺 level up 💯 also this video was so much in a documentary fashion 😍 loved how insightful and real this space is! Your subscribers are truly blessed to be watching you, learn from you, follow you, become contacts and friends ❤️

  3. Om Shanti says:

    Informative n so very helpful.. to the point of being an ambassador for those eco sensitive fragile yet gorgeously beautiful mountains.. Radhika.. remote and seldom explored brought to fore.. thank you 👍🌹

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