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Lake Tahoe – the USA’s largest alpine lake, and a winner for nature and adventure lovers. Check out the 39 trillion gallons of snowmelt and the oodles of fun.

39 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Jim Hallett says:

    Not only is it breathtaking, but amazing it can retain its beauty, and not fall victim to cheap commercialization like so much of CA. I have been there – on all shores – several times and always love it. The color of the water, the fresh alpine air, and the 300+ sunny days real.y make it special. May they never over-develop it, and keep the grubby politicians like Gavin Gruesome, from having any influence over it.

  2. Kevin York says:

    Sadly, the visitor center trout viewing was vandalized and the glass was shot out. Right next door to the visitor center at Pope beach is the Tallac Historic Estates. Well worth adding to any Lake Tahoe visit.

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