LOS ANGELES Travel Guide 2021 – Top 10

Need a Los Angeles Travel Guide? I spent the entire day from sunrise to sunset visiting my list of top 10 sights you cannot miss if you’ve visiting LA! Los Angeles …

46 thoughts on “LOS ANGELES Travel Guide 2021 – Top 10

  1. Ahmed says:

    Did you have a drone for some of the footage used in this video?

    Edit: just saw you used a drone near the end of the video haha. You can use drones in Cali, especially in Malibu and Venice beach right? Would love to bring mine for an upcoming trip

  2. Christina Daly says:

    RD; There isn't one square inch that hasn't been trampled on in the SEWER of los angeles ! Anyone who likes that Human shithole needs a major brain transplant ! Los Angeles is one giant smelly soup of danger and disease bubbling on a cracked quicksand with the biggest fault in the world right next to it , but it's going to be exciting when the Quake shakes the garbage to the ground and burns for a year ! Happy Travels

  3. Abby says:

    Can I ask how you got around since it seems like you did this in one day? Did you just drive and park and walk from location to location? Was it expensive/hard to find parking? Thanks in advance will be in LA in 2 weeks so excited!! 😄

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