Los Angeles Travel Guide – Tips for visiting LA – Bucket List Ideas!

They call it the ‘City of Angels’ but what is Los Angeles, California actually like? There are various places you can visit – from Downtown to Hollywood, Beverly …

22 thoughts on “Los Angeles Travel Guide – Tips for visiting LA – Bucket List Ideas!

  1. Ultimate Bucket List says:

    For those of you that want to know, I can confirm the following:
    – Yes, LA traffic is seriously that bad. I've driven in it and whilst I got lucky that I wasn't in total gridlock, that kinda thing apparently happens every day.
    – Yes, I did fall asleep during the LA Kings game, that's how full of the flu I really was.
    – Coming across drug dealers on their own turf in Hollywood at night was a serious mistake. Fortunately, they saw me as the tourist that I was. Never again!

  2. TheRadioAteMyTV says:

    Other cool things in LA: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, (LAMA), The Getty Museum, The La Brea Tar Pits (and museum), The Gene Autry Museum (cool, but getting less as gets more political and less Gene Autry). Oh and movie fans, go the Bronson Canyon Cave also known as the (1960s) Bat Cave. You will recognize it from countless movies and TV show and you will see it is not a cave but a tunnel. And for movie fans that don't mind driving a bit more, there is north of LA, Vasquez Rock, featured in Star Trek the Original Series and a half million rock videos and TV shows, and then to the west of LA is Malibu Canyon State Park where they filmed Planet of the Apes (original) and a zillion TV shows and movies, including MASH and more. It's an awesome day hike of a nearly flat 2-3 miles one way and lots of shade.

  3. TheRadioAteMyTV says:

    Griffith Park Observatory is free, but they started charging enormous amounts for park recently. Check for current rates. They put meters up and down the hillside too, so now you have to pay and climb the mountain to get there where just a couple of years ago it was actually free. Another reason to "love" LA? Hmmmmm.

  4. Radio Rob says:

    Things to know about LA. (I lived in California 49 years, most in LA county) LA is NOT what you see on TV shows or movies. It used to be a beautiful place, with few problems, other than the smog. The smog is the ONLY thing that has improved in the last 40 years. So first you should know is LA is not for the elderly. It is fast paced, with it's residents who are dangerous at worst, just plain rude at best. Residents are unbelievably rude, particularly on the road. Don't tell the locals that you are a non resident as they will probably take advantage of your naivety. It's a dog eat dog environment, and a danger to anyone not prepared to defend oneself. Don't trust any stranger, EVER! Never leave anything, I mean anything, alone for more than a second, as it WILL be stolen. The city is very crowded, so expect to stand in line for everything, and a possible multi hour long traffic jam on the freeways. Have a dash mounted cam in your vehicle, as many folks drive without insurance, because the cost of living is so high, that they can't afford it. Do NOT make eye contact with the homeless, beggars, or prostitutes. Try not to make eye contact with anyone really, as some take it as an aggressive gesture. If you do decide to visit, PLEASE BE CAREFULL, and you can't say you weren't warned.

  5. r j says:

    Were you serious when you said you almost got killed in hollywood? When you say"danderous at night", is it like as soon as the night falls, or like at 3 a.m?

  6. paintkiller93 says:

    This is a great video overall but a few things I'd like to add as a local:

    1. Depending on where your staying & where you're going, the metro isn't that bad. For example, the subway runs from downtown to Hollywood & light rail to Santa Monica & it's better to use those than to drive and look for parking there. The metro system is slowly but surely expanding so in the future it'll be easier to visit without a car.

    2. Some areas are nice to walk around after dark. Not all of the city is that bad.

    3. Downtown has some other cool stuff like the Broad, Grand Central Market, and my favorite, the Last Bookstore.

    4. You also missed on some museums like the Gettys, LACMA, and the La Brea Tar Pits.

  7. The Lone Leopard says:

    So you caught COVID then bought the cheapest ticket to the game only to sit next to the "HISPANIC" lady with a big booty?
    You sound like a loser to me. You should have stayed in your country instead of spreading the UK variant.

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