LOS CABOS Travel Guide: Know Before You Go | Little Grey Box

TravelWell in Los Cabos, Mexico with our essential know-before-you-go tips! In the final episode of our Cabo series, we share tips on what to pack, the best …

19 thoughts on “LOS CABOS Travel Guide: Know Before You Go | Little Grey Box

  1. Find the hidden hamster says:

    Today I found the best channel, Little Grey Box!! Thank you for the various information and enjoyment. It gives a real help for me who likes to travel. I must subscribe to it. And I think to hide my mouse in the nice place in your video 🙂

  2. scarletjazz says:

    Good tips but had issues with Uber. Many of them cannot come on the resort property. I couldn't understand him on the phone. I just had the hotel call me a cab. Loved Cabo ! Went last year for my Birthday in August. Cant wait to go back.

  3. Michael Broughton says:

    Really glad you touched on using Peso’s. Advice from other vloggers has always been to use $USD, which for those of us with $AUD (or $NZD in my case) makes the whole trip more expensive. Why tip in USD rather than Peso’s?!

  4. Felix Cattenstart says:

    Thank you for this very helpful situation! Transiting through the USA can be a pain in the ass because of the long queues and much waiting time. I know how hard a long flight could be. I took flight QF10 from London to Melbourne with a short refuelling stop in Perth in December, that's 16,5 + 3,5 hours of flying!😴 It's so good to have lots of sunshine in november, which is usually the 'grey' month of fog and rain back home (Netherlands). ☁️ I really loved the Marquis resort! It's a pity you can't swim in the sea, but those infinity pools seems to be even better😱! Sailing is my favourite thing to do in sunny countries⛵️. I have been told that Mexico has the best all-inclusive food concept worldwide, and you made me believe this🌮! Do you have some withdrawal symptoms from the Guacamole? 🥺 Anyway, have a great weekend! 🤙

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