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Los Cabos is a favorite vacation spot for lovers of sea, sun and fun. This travel guide video will take you from the pulsing tempo of Cabos San Lucas to the slow …

24 thoughts on “Los Cabos Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Cameron says:

    Made it home from Cabo safe and sound on Alaska airlines. Ended my amazing fun filled action packed trip to Cabo with dinner with one of my ex-girlfriends in San Diego at Ocean Terrace at George's. Such an incredible restaurant with amazing views. Though she really hasn't changed much we had a great time together with no expectations, no hassles, just enjoyed the atmosphere and an incredible beautifully aged rib steak and lobster dinner. Everybody should go to Cabo at least once and layover in San Diego for the night upon your return, you can't go wrong.
    I'm excited to return to Mexico in May.
    Viva La Mexico!!

  2. Cameron says:

    Well, this is my last day in Cabo and honestly I have to say I enjoyed myself immensely. I'm planning to travel more of Mexico in the near future, I've already traded my week in Waikiki for a week in Mazatlan.
    Beautiful scenery, incredible food, exemplary service, and extremely beautiful women.
    I love Mexico!
    I also traded my RCI membership for a lifetime Pueblo Bonito Enterprises membership. They have over 150,000 4 and 5 star affiliated resorts around the world so I guess I'll plan a trip to Greece in the fall.
    Catch y'all later!

  3. Cameron says:

    Hanging here in Cabo is very nice, while the locals are so kind and hospitable, warm and welcoming, the american vacationers here at the Pueblo Benito Sunset are the most pretentious and rude I've ever seen….
    My workaholic schedule won't leave me alone though, been up for an hour and a half watching YT.
    Guess I'll go grab some breakfast and coffee and get ready for my fun filled day.
    Hitting the maritime wildlife refuge and the flora gardens then tomorrow glass bottom boating and snorkeling then the next day riding wheelers on the beach and hiking then making a jump with Cabo Skydive the next day if it's not too windy.
    Most activities are 70{12475aba99fbbdf56eb8cf142f8fea6ec42c6e82e2efd03308c3f41cc5142c03} off through my timeshare with RCI.
    Life is good.
    Life is better in Cabo!

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