Luxury & Budget Cabo Travel Guide | Part 1 Best Things to Do in Cabo

Mexico is always a good idea, but Cabo is the best place to go to if you’re looking for a perfect Baecation, group trip, or bachelor/bachelorette destination!

42 thoughts on “Luxury & Budget Cabo Travel Guide | Part 1 Best Things to Do in Cabo

  1. sgrho397 says:

    Hey Jubril! Just got back from our honeymoon in Cabo and your tips were so worth it. We absolutely co-sign in Sunset Mona Lisa. We went there the first night in town and it set the tone for the entire trip. Now I will say the food was just ok for us, not as flavorful as we would have liked. The ambience and service made up for it! What you didn’t mention was that summer humidity though whooo we made it through. We will go back for sure!

  2. victoria davenport says:

    Definitely checking the Mona Lisa when I go to cabo next spring. Thanks for the share

    Love seeing black ppl travel. I love this. I want to do everything y'all did. I need to be in cabo yesterday

    *The $95 airbnb all depends on the dates. For may 2022. Price is $225 a night still isn't bad when it's a 3 bedroom and your splitting the bill with friends

  3. Peter R. says:

    First video I've seen of yours. So informative and amazing presentation! You've got a new subscriber for sure. Thanks for your great tips – heading to Cabo for our honeymoon next month. Will definitely make some stops there based on this video. Thank you!

  4. CJ Raymond says:

    So glad I saw this video. Just returned from Montego Bay, loved the vibes, thought about visiting Cabo next, but wasn’t sure.. Video cuts my research time down drastically.. Production is amazing!!! Great team.. Thank you 🙏🏽 ✊🏽

  5. Zai Thompson says:

    I came up upon this YouTube channel by accident. This is the first video I watched because I'm a frequent traveler to Cabo. As a matter of fact, I'm leaving in a couple of days to go and staying for 2 weeks. I go every 2-3 years for a 2 week stay. I've been traveling to Cabo for over 15 years. It used to be where no one outside of celebrities and Californians knew much about Cabo. Especially people from the East coast where I live. lol Anyway, I thought you did a fantastic job chronicling Cabo. Everything you said, showed and experienced was on point. I love, love, love Cabo. I love traveling and I will be watching your other videos.

  6. Kristi Hall says:

    I was in Cabo July 6-13 and had an amazing time! We stayed in Pedegral in Villa Diamente de law, and two different resorts. Every place we stayed was lovely. It was a total of 12 us and we got our monies worth.

  7. Ndoro Emblem says:

    Yea, that sounds good and all but from what I been hearing about mexicans and their racism toward blacks in america courtesy of white americans! I could never endorse them ever again!! We do not eat at their restaurants, nor do we travel to their countries and spend our big money at any of their travel venues! Hotep, though I rather spend my ends in the DR, where they are Negritos Morenos (black) and very proud. You can do that promo for them but hell no! Good luck to you however but just don't try to mesh with us because we are not buffoons!!

  8. Roney Smith says:

    The destinations and activities were incredible and yet the production of the video itself is impeccable! I kept looking for rundown on the gear used and tips for making sure that my videos are up to par!

    Your drone shots are ALL NET! 🏀🏀🏀🥊🥊🥊🥊💯💯💯🤯🤯🤯🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    There is no way to avoid subscribing to your channel! 🎯🎯🎯🎯

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