Madrid Travel Guide – Top Places to Visit, by Locals

Wondering where the locals like to go in Madrid? Emma Lozano, our local expert, will take you through the best places to visit in Madrid. From Spain’s Kilometre …

37 thoughts on “Madrid Travel Guide – Top Places to Visit, by Locals

  1. MrSunlight79 says:

    I always said Madrid was my favorite city and when I visited it last year for the first time I absolutely fell in love with it!!! I was like "wooooow". That's the city of the cities and despite the temperature of 38 C in the middle od summer, I enjoyed every minute there. So elegant and beautiful city, with so nice and clean facades, wonderful streets, squares, fountains and parks, with one of the best museums in the whole world (Prado, of course) and so on and so on…and the food – simply great! The night life is another "wooooow". I'll come again to Madrid, that's sure!

  2. Chad says:

    All the places in the video can be done in one day except Retiro-My favorite park in the world. Been walking my dogs there every morning the past 3 years. See Pez Tortilla for the best spanish tortilla. Across the street is the best cocktail bar in Madrid, Bar 1862. Founded in…well…1862. It’s on Calle pez, just off Gran Via.

  3. Jules says:

    After living for more than a decade in London, Madrid is just a peanut with the bad taste. All the Spaniards and English holidaying on the Spanish beach say: Spain is the best, life quality is higher in Spain that in the UK, is cheaper and blah blah.
    Well, living now in Madrid for the last 2,5 years and can’t wait for Brexit to finish so we could go back.
    The museums are not free of charge, neither the Royal palace unless you queue for 3 h in the scorching sun to enter around 6 pm. Of course there is a limited number of people would could enter that time..
    unless you Holiday Spain you can see t Madrid in just 4h. Btw food is not that great as almost everything if fried and greasy. You can do your groceries in Mercadona Día or liddle but the quality is very low on fish, meat and vegetables compared to Supercor or Hipercor.
    Work schedule 9-19 in the most happy cases, although they expect you to stay until 20ish or more. Pay is lower and decent rentals expensive.
    And there are lots of people who says that Madrid is better than London without even visiting London ever!!!

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