Madrid Travel Guide

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43 thoughts on “Madrid Travel Guide

  1. shayhtfc says:

    Why with every single video in every single city, does it sound like Alex has already been there 15 times. What do you do for work Alex, and why have you been everywhere 15 times already?!!


    I do not agree at all with the comment of the taxis.
    Taxis are always an expensive option but in Madrid there is a fixed price of 30 euros to go from the airport to any point within the M-30 ring road, approximately 42 square kilometers. It is a fixed price regardless of the number of passengers, suitcases, schedule or if it is a holiday. The capacity of a taxi is generally for 4 people, but there are some with capacity for up to 7 people and the price is still 30 euros.
    This guarantees that there are no deceptions, which can occur in Madrid and in any city in the world.
    Getting to the hotel by metro usually involves changing the line a couple of times. There are electric stairs but it is easy to find some section where they are not, in addition to supporting rush hours.
    It is best to ask the tourism informants who will offer you several alternatives. Also, when in doubt, unless you have the very right money and taking into account what you have spent on the plane and what you will spend at the hotel, being taken to the hotel door is priceless. You will take the subway when your hands are empty of suitcases.
    It is advisable to ask the taxi driver for a receipt, he cannot refuse to hand it over and includes all the information about the taxi driver and the journey traveled.

  3. Diane Lee says:

    My husband and I traveled to Madrid and then Cordoba and Granada right before Covid hit. What an incredible country. Its beautiful, the people are kind, and what we remarked on several times is how clean Spain is. There train system is so easy to use and very efficient. Better than Paris and Germany. I plan to go back and soak up more of this incredible country.

  4. Jarell Gaddy says:

    I spent a week in Spain in summer of 2018 and Madrid was my first stop. Easily one of my favorite cities in the world that seems to be overlooked by many for whatever reason. The food is next level , locals are super friendly and the vibe of the city and the way things flow make it a place that you don't want to leave. I would live in Madird easily if given the opportunity and Alex you have done this great city much justice with this video. Much respect!!

  5. Noah Bowie says:

    I don't mind Madrid airport. It's not my favourite but it's definitely not the worst. I wouldn't go out of my way to fly there however it seems like heaven compared to some other European airports. Cough Gatwick cough

  6. Maxwell Wellmax says:

    I have been around Spain, litterally lol, Barcelona, Bilbao, Vigo, quick stops in Oporto and Lisboa then Sevilla but only passed by Barajas on my Ways in or out of Spain. Seeing how you went there I guess I should give it a shot next time.

  7. Valentina Rizzi says:

    "…Failing and defeats…," the hate and love relation you have with this city was definitefly noticeable throughout the episode. Anyway, it's always admirable that individuals learn from one's defeats and look at bad experiences to start over with a positive attitude.

  8. David Crespo says:

    I went to Madrid with low expectatives. The surprise was totaaaallllll is a mix between Paris (architecture) and even NY (Gran Via or Plaza Espania, the urbane atmosphere) and off course Spain culture. Incredible I will return again for sure. Coool city.

  9. Travel9two5 says:

    Great video! I didn't know Madrid was so huge in size, wow
    I plan to visit in summer 2020
    Also I heard they have a think called siestas where they take naps during the day, interesting

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