Maui Hawaii Travel Guide 2021 | 11 Tips for THE BEST Maui Vacation

11 tips to get you started on your Maui vacation planning! Let two residents give you a tour of Maui: Where to Stay, Where to Eat, and Things to Do. This is our …

50 thoughts on “Maui Hawaii Travel Guide 2021 | 11 Tips for THE BEST Maui Vacation

  1. Jian Liew says:

    Love all the videos you're making! Very helpful in planning our trip later in October. Quick few questions for you
    – are most restaurants and locations accepting cash? or is it safer to just stick with a credit card?
    – What's the situation on vaccine passports for international visitors? having trouble finding any information about what would be considered valid for us

  2. Jodi Booth says:

    With each of your videos, my nerves about going on our first real vacation and not being prepared, decreases. Thank you for making these. Your genuineness is refreshing.

  3. danieldphotos says:

    Erica and Jordan. Totally awesome channel. Thank you for the great tips and advice. Great videos. Loved the graphs. We went to Kauai (Poipu Hyatt) for our Honeymoon and want to return. We wanted to go back for our 25th wed anniv and potentially visit Maui but the cost seemed very high. Your video helped us decide that it was worth it. It is obvious you guys love what you do and make a great team! Stay Happy! Thank You so much!!

  4. ChaseMansano says:

    Island is too packed. You can only fit so many people on an island. The ratio to tourists to locals is 1:1 which is ridiculous. Instead of thinking of your vacation, think of the locals struggling to live here because of tourists ignorance.

  5. Alex Lin says:

    Have you guys also thought of doing island tours? I've been to Maui already but even after watching this we missed a good chunk too. Give it some thought! I would love to have Paul Rudd do a tour!

  6. Alex Lopez says:

    From a local. Not a bad video, all I gotta say is if you're gonna tell people to take the Hana Highway slowly, be sure to tell them about the 1,000 places you can pull over to get da fuck out of our way too. We have places to go, sometimes we are in an emergency and need to get to town ASAP and we will get out of our trucks and throw your phone of the fuckin cliff and make you move if we have to. Enjoy your stay🤙

  7. Jolina Wong says:

    Hi! I must have missed it but couldn’t find the links for where you guys stayed in the camper vans! We’re visiting first week of July wi a camper van rental and seems like a lot of camp grounds are closed! Any recommendations on where to park and camp in a van?

  8. debbyde3 says:

    Great videos, happy to have found you. Want to see Hawaii and it will be the only visit, so really want to see all (or most) of the highlights. Been to a travel agent…kinda $$$$, considering a tour group. 2 friends, 71 and 67. Love swimming, some hiking, etc. Your thoughts?

  9. Richard Canete says:

    I loved it thanks for the video. We’re going there end of September this year. Hopefully, covid restrictions will ease up by then. I’ll keep tracking your channel to learn more on what places best to go. I play golf, any ideas that are affordable to play? Thanks.

  10. Karen Truong says:

    Thanks for this awesome set of tips! Do you have any suggestions for things to do in the afternoon? Seems like most hiking and beach activities are best in the morning and we haven't found much to fill the afternoons

  11. HoisinSauceLIT says:

    My family and I are gonna to Kauai next week. Does Hawaii allow people that don’t take the vaccine to go to Hawaii? And if our flight is on next Saturday, when do you think we need to go test for COVID-19, how long does it take to have the result ready before the flight?

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