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Mérida – Welcome to the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan. While much of the peninsula is famed for its resorts, Mérida is the epicentre of Yucatan culture, …

23 thoughts on “Merida Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Steve Killingback Music says:

    Everything I'd love, all year round sun, heat, humidity, culture, beauty, I've been to quintana roo, Mexico City, Acapulco etc and its amazing, im trying very hard to make a success of my online business so that I can be free to visit for as long as I want. I can't wait to visit Merida soon! ❤

  2. olivier charles says:

    Hello, very interesting, it served me super well and I went to all the places you mentioned, in addition to going to all the cenote towns and beaches I did it by motorcycle, in Mérida you can rent quite powerful and comfortable automatic motorcycles to make trips to the points of Yucatan interest, it is a super adventure, besides that I am very practical, I recommend it, in case your subscribers are interested, I will leave how to find the company that rents the motorcycles (I do not remember what they are called) but you can search in Google as " rent scooter rent motorcycles ”, it seems to me. They include a comprehensive coverage insurance in the cost of the rent. In this way, in 5 days I managed to visit a lot of points of interest and return the nights to my airbnb in Mérida. Greetings

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