Mexico City Travel Guide 4k – The Side They Don’t Show You!

This all-in-one travel guide will help you plan your Mexico City trip from A-Z and save you tons of time, money, and truly maximize your experience! So many …

36 thoughts on “Mexico City Travel Guide 4k – The Side They Don’t Show You!

  1. Spiritual Awakening Of Consciousness From3Dto5D says:

    Just have in mind that mexico has been controlled for the last 80 years for a very corrupt freemason presidentss it's only this actual president AMLO and government that was choose 3 years ago that is a real Mexican president looking to fix everything that the last 6 corrupt governments have been done in the mexico country, so there's still poor people asking for money in the streets and poor kids in others zones but the government has been reduce the amount very well and fast

  2. Spiritual Awakening Of Consciousness From3Dto5D says:

    If you are in Mexico city and you have money you can hire a couple private security guards and you'll be fine they can tell you how to everything works and you can perfectly be driving a lambo or a Ferrari in Mexico city, to the can show up those kind of luxury things but only in mainly tourist destinations like CANCÚN,Mexico city, Merida Yucatan and Monterrey besides those cities nop

  3. Tanya Williams says:

    I love this video. My best friend and I have decided to visit Mexico City next year and I am so excited. It will be our 30 years of friendship trip. We will definitely be doing the cooking tour with Claudia, the ballon ride and salsa dance class. Thank you again for this video and all the amazing ideas! Stay blessed and keep the videos coming!

  4. Carl Marc says:

    Every video I watch from your channel bro. I will leave a comment hell lol. Youre goals my man. When I get to the bag I would love to meet with you man. Keep doing great things man

  5. Gypsy Jane says:

    i LOVE this series!! PLEASE NEVER STOP. I am currentlying scaling my business up… it's almost to the point where i can start travelinga least once a month! Next month i wanna go to Nigeria!!! Seeing people that look like me just literally makes my heart flutter!!

  6. JB CBBA says:

    You mentioned about Your stay in Mexico city for 3 weeks. how long do you recommend staying, 3 weeks sound like a lot. I'm planning to travel and get the most out of the city but I don't know how long.

  7. Luis Cervantez says:

    One thing I don't like is when people (mostly people from the US) negotiate prices when most things there are hand made or when someone goes that extra mile like your driver, you need to appreciate the time and effort it took them, thanks.

  8. Bobette McCann says:

    Before my first visit, everyone tried to tell me that it wasn't safe, as a female traveling alone I was going to be in danger, yada, yada, yada. After one day downtown, I realized that I was right – this city is great and no more dangerous than any other big city.

  9. Dianne O says:

    Mexico City is highly underrated! I visited in 2019 and spent 4 days there and I absolutely loved every moment of my trip. Being in CDMX made me feel like I was in a different city in each part. My favorite parts of the city are Coyoacan and Chapultepec. I walked Polanco at night and felt completely safe. Even discovered Parque Lincoln which had statues of Lincoln, MLK, and a garden with Mandela. As a plant-based person, I appreciated CDMX's vegan food scene. What most surprised me was the abundance of green space. I will be back!

  10. DJRolo813 says:

    Definitely love visiting Mexico. Haven't been to Mexico City tho. I visited Mazatlan in Decemeber 2020 & loved it. BTW – them shirt you're wearing are sharp……..visuals and editing on point.

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