Mexico City Travel Guide

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29 thoughts on “Mexico City Travel Guide

  1. Dhar Maitri says:

    Here I am again a year later watching your Mexico City video. Thank you. Again! I enjoyed it as much this second time around. It's my hometown but your views on everything captivate me deeply. You're awesome and very sensitive and sweet.

  2. RAUL SANABRIA says:

    I have traveled in Mexico City for 50 years in taxi all my life , and never I have any issue. The most of the people talk about the street food, but we have very nice and good restaurants (Brazilian, Argentinian, Uruguayan, Peruvian, French, Italian, Arabian, an from
    Different zones of Amex) But the best food is still in home.

  3. Ralph harrison says:

    Great video and good presentation. I hope someday I will have the same experience you did in Mexico City.

    You covered everything including safety and that’s good. Like visiting any other large city you must use caution.

    But here’s my question how do you avoid getting sick? Or can you avoid getting sick in other words you just bite the bullet and let it pass through your system? I would imagine drinking the tapwater is a big no-no.

  4. elzzird23 says:

    Dude did you just turn into the next Anthony Bordain? Been following you for years . Keep it up ! Going here in Oct 21’ thanks for the info and insight . Sharing with my trip mates

  5. YisusMG says:

    Mexico City is one of the largest and most important metropolises in the world, it is the most important financial center of Latin America, only ignorant people think that Mexico is a desert with people who are transported by donkey.

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