Minneapolis Minnesota Travel Guide 2021

Have you ever thought about visiting Minneapolis-Saint Paul in Minnesota? In this Minneapolis-Saint Paul travel guide we explore the Mall of America, …

46 thoughts on “Minneapolis Minnesota Travel Guide 2021

  1. Wally Norlander says:

    I would argue with your statement that only four months each year are comfortable, weather-wise. Better to say that eight months are comfortable, and maybe December through March are too cold for most people.

  2. G Throw says:

    Please comment on the skyrocketing crime, violent crime and car jacking. Over 300 officers have walked off the job…it isn't even close to being safe…I would stay out of downtowns.

    Minneapolis is in a terrible spot hence the tourism sponsorships, its halfway to be becoming Detroit, and frankly might be irreversible.

  3. Jack Mandu says:

    Nice video, but the dude needs to get his facts straight. The Wild play at the Xcel Center in downtown St. Paul and the mall in Edmonton is the biggest one in North America.

  4. Dan B. says:

    Minneapolis is a Mini Detroit now.
    Thanks to the Democrats!
    Go spend your tourist dollars somewhere safe!!! Minneapolis is FINISHED!
    Believe me…I have to live here!

    Of course we do have those wonderful sky high taxes that EVERYONE loves!
    (Hey, somebody has to pay for all the lawsuit money the Minneapolis City Council hands out to every criminal that gets his dumb ass kicked).

  5. lexie w says:

    I often forget that it’s considered “cold” here. The changing seasons are beautiful. The real treat is the smaller restaurants outside of the cities. Sitting on a patio by the lake in summer is what we live for. Makes you really appreciate the nice weather when you have it.

  6. Duane Smith says:

    George Floyd square Minneapolis is out of control shooting happening everyday and every night. Nobody's going downtown why would you go everything shut down and the gangs are running the town

  7. Rick Johnson says:

    Yeah ever since the rights I have no desire to go to Minneapolis and I'm from Minnesota and I lived in Minneapolis for over 9 years yeah the rides totally ruined it it's destroyed too much crime too much violence too much carjackings I have no desire to go to eapolis the city is ruined by all the crime and violence that they let freely happen now we just had a body dismembered scattered all over Minneapolis pretty sad isn't it such a nice city destroyed.

  8. cody flowers says:

    Lol ok so this video is complete bullshit. Minneapolis is not safe. The light rail is one of many that is don’t go there. It has a 60% rise in murders and violent crimes. This is not a city to visit anymore. Created by geniuses and ran by liberal idiots. Only come if you have a bulletproof vest


    Yeah don't go right now wait till the riots and the looting stop. Actually visit Montana, Texas or Florida. Those are 5 times safer (don't worry about the alligators in Florida, Florida man takes care of those). Don't visit Oregon or California or New York or Minnesota, unless you want your main attraction to small like piss. There also a shit tone of rats on the New York subway, so don't be scared by seeing one with a cat in its mouth.

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