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Monterey – The coastal Californian city will impress travelers with its natural beauty and rich history. Check out these top places to visit in Monterey and start …

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  1. Felix Garcia says:

    I was stationed in the Naval Postgraduate School in the city of Monterey as a 24 yr old in the mid 90s, and I sure got a good dose of Monterey, CA. Lived in nearby Marina and walked it's cold beaches, slept in my car overnight at the vista view of Bixby Bridge, dinners on Cannery Row, frequent visits to Carmel and drives down Big Sur on Hwy 1 all the way to Morro Bay. Breathtaking sceneries that will never be erased in my memory.

  2. Jerry Hugges says:

    Just to be clear—-this is not a video or commentary about Monterey, it's of the whole Big Sur coast from far south to Monterey. So, as grand as this coast is, the video shows many miles of coastline that are not close to Monterey. Now, go for a great drive along Highway 1. It's worth the drive.

  3. exit 0 says:

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  4. Toruko-ishi Bravo2Zulu says:

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