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Napa, California Travel Guide! Learn where to explore, drink, eat, stay, & shop with Andrea Feczko & Rachel Rudwall. Producer of some of the world’s finest …

44 thoughts on “Napa Valley, CA Travel Guide — "Go or No" Review | Travel Guides | How 2 Travelers

  1. balls deep says:

    As a born Napan, 80% of tourists are super put on. They usually let out some remark that makes you say ahhh…2 weeks ago some guys wife asked me if I knew "where all the vineyards were"

  2. BC says:

    Two observations from this video:

    – Napa looks really cool
    – These ladies definitely do not have kids. They act like they're in the 8th grade. It's good to see they're having fun though. 🙂

  3. says:

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  4. Hannah Nelson says:

    HAHAHA OH GOD. I live in Napa and it might be pretty in some places but the downtown area is filled with homeless people smoking everything right in the open and the river itself smells like gotten fish. The downtown area is filled with a bunch of closed down shops. I would recommend to go to yountville. It's only about 10-15 minutes away and its 100x more beautiful and you'll get the same wine tasting opportunities

  5. Crickethill says:

    You gotta check out Munich during Oktoberfest, a lot of drunk germans and even more beer!
    Or you could go to Austria, maybe Vienna, eat some nice Sacher Torte and enjoy some coffee there 😉

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