Napa Valley Travel Guide

I return to the west coast of the United States; to California’s most prestigious valley to get to know a side of Napa not many see. Behind the vineyards and the …

46 thoughts on “Napa Valley Travel Guide

  1. Lisa Little says:

    I was raised in Napa, born in Santa Rosa. I was feeling homesick, so I started searching videos. Your video is beautiful and different from others. Makes me want to go home. Thank you

  2. Underdog Rising says:

    Napa is a shit town full of corrupt winery owners who don't care at all about the average working class person who can't afford to live in the town they grew up in. Winery culture is cancer. Don't come here. The industry is unsustainable. There are rivers and creeks that are utterly destroyed because the constant pesticide runoff. Creeks that don't even exist anymore because the wineries rob most the water before it even reaches the ocean. Creeks I used to swim in as a child that no one would go near anymore. They just keep adding winery after winery with zero responsibility for sustainability.

  3. RedroomStudios says:

    wow… just finding your channel for the first time and blown away by the quality of your production! the filming and editing is superb. and the decision to film almost exclusively in late day or early morning light is genius and very disciplined. a bit disappointed that your camera person didnt get individual recognition in the credits at the end. whoever they are, they are very good.

    been to Sonoma before but not Napa. thinking 2020 might be the year. I like to go to California in the spring – late March to early April in particular. everything is so green and lush from the rainy season but you get mostly sunny days by that time.

    thanks again for all the hard work and attention to detail that went into this!

  4. Lynda Faye says:

    I was looking at weather report tonight because of Hurricane DORIAN's dwelling near the Bahamas—and discovered your Bimini video; Hope things calm down for you there! So you like living in the warm climates, Mitchell? Such a great voice and great array of items to depict for us in both! The closest I've been to Napa was Eureka and the garlic festival; closest I could get to Bimini, was St Peters burg and Sarasota, being from the MidWest, I always preferred either of the two coasts over living back in Chicago! But I wanted to tell you about my SeaPony Mermaids I sculpted for a children's musical video a couple of years ago, and ask you to take "The kids", (yours or the ones in you video, right ? to see my you tube "Lynda Faye's Little Blue Mermaid," and give me your opinion of MELODY, and her cousin "Bimini Babe". both being a stretch of the imagination from having sculpted horses, initially, Bimini Babe has a "story " of her own;( She thinks she can save all the turtle eggs, and cradles them in her arms.) She and Melody play and sing with the dolphins—(I saw the comment about the area the visitor to your Bimini Travel Guide, wrote -like to know more about that "Dolphin " area of which she spoke ?) My area of expertise is not "sculpting the human body", but after sculpting ManGrove, the MerMAN, for the video, I noticed you have the bone structure and the wherewith-all to perhaps "recreate" images you select, then " Bimini Babe" could have an authentic boyfriend , a resident of Bimini, perhaps ? (805-616-7394)

  5. Katie Pyle says:

    I want to like this but the host draws out his words oddly and lacks excitement in his commentary. He’s fine when interviewing…I don’t get why he speaks differently when it’s just voice over portions. It wouldnt hurt if he was just a little more funny too.

  6. Christian TESS says:

    Hi !!!
    Congrats for your nice video and for your great Channel !!!
    I Love it 💜😁💜

    I am a World Traveler and It will be a pleasure to stay connected !!!

    Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  7. Soto Bour says:

    Another great video!! The production was amazing!! Definitely a place I would love to visit, thanks to you. By the way I loved that you used the word "symbiosis". It's my Greek brother speaking in you..hehe

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