Nashville Travel Guide – A Spirit Like No Other

Saddle up, we explore Nashville, show how this city has a spirit like no other. Below are the places featured in this video. TOURS Helistar Aviation Helicopter …

24 thoughts on “Nashville Travel Guide – A Spirit Like No Other

  1. Joseph and the World says:

    As for your Catfish question, it relates to the long, long-held tradition in Detroit of throwing Octopi on the ice during playoffs. That began in 1952 when a group of Redwings fans threw an octopus, signifying 8 more wins the team needed. And, copy pasting here, "Fast forward to 2002, when the Wings came to Nashville, and some inspired Preds lover decided that the team needed its own twist on the toss, this time using a staple of local cuisine. During the game, seemingly out of nowhere, a catfish flew over the glass onto center ice, the crowd went wild, Nashville won, and the tradition was born"

  2. Reece Powell says:

    I live in Nashville and this is the most thorough video I have seen. Its crazy that this is a 30 minute video, but there is still so much more to do, see and eat. Here are some things that you probably didn't have time for but need to do next time you come back: you need to visit the Carter house, do a ghost tour through historic Franklin, eat some hot chicken (Prince's is my favorite), go to the Midtown bars (better than Broadway) and go by Steeplechase.

  3. Tony A says:

    Great presentation of Nashville! You do a great job on all your videos. Spent a couple days there in 2018 and had a good time. Wish I could have seen more ……next time!

  4. BOARD GAME MAN says:

    Another great video! Moving to Knoxville at the end of October from CA, ya, I know shocker! ha ha so this video will come in handy when my wife and I want to escape over to Nashville! Once again, GREAT JOB!

  5. JaccboyJohnny says:

    been in nashville 4 years and haven’t experienced anything except overpriced cost of living and discrimination. as a black, i and many others feel as though we don’t have a place here.

  6. Cee Gabe says:

    2nd CHRONICLES 7:14: If MY people who are called by MY name will humble themselves, and PRAY and seek MY face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal/RESTORE their land,.,

  7. L R says:

    I wish you wouldn't celebrate the invasive vulgar predators that are party buses. Anyone that lives, works, or goes to school in downtown or midtown Nashville knows that they've wrecked havoc on quality of life. The bass sound systems vibrate city blocks. A local school recorded 20+ instances in a few hours of school where they had to stop class until the bus passed. Please don't come to Nashville to support these buses that have ruined this city.

  8. RD Orion says:

    Lived there for 8 years and moved away. Horrible place! Traffic is horrendous! Had a chance to get a great commuter train system but elected for more highways. So fuck that city. Be glad when it implodes!

  9. Ser Dee says:

    If you are Black or Brown, stay away because Nashville will not welcome you, if you really look at the video you will see everything and anything about it is all white, you see nothing about the Historical black community of Nashville. Also all the faces in this video is WHITE

  10. Cee Gabe says:

    GOD'S message to ALL believers IS /and herein lies our POWER:
    2 CHRONICLES 7:14:

    Then if MY people, who are called by MY NAME will humble themselves, if they will PRAY and seek ME and stop their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven. I will forgive their sin, and I will HEAL/RESTORE their land. ,,,…

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