NAXOS Travel Guide | Top 10 things to do | 4K

10 things to do on the Greek Island of Naxos! We go sailing, trek up the biggest mountain in the Cyclades and visit the most gorgeous restaurant lookout while …

50 thoughts on “NAXOS Travel Guide | Top 10 things to do | 4K

  1. Carleen Scroope says:

    So I watched this video a week ago in preparation for my trip to Naxos (I’m here now, Hello from Naxos!!) and I can’t believe I just met the gorgeous helpful local in this video! A complete coincidence.
    Also a lot of locals here ask me about oakleigh when I tell them I’m from Melbourne. Absolutely hysterical that people from this little island have heard of the suburb I lived in a decade ago!
    Great videos Kristina! X

  2. samtoo2010 says:

    this is exacly why I would do anything to save all my money and move to Mediterranean Sea. Its the best place to live on earth period. Its worth any penny of your money. Just buy a house on the sea side and live there.

  3. V A says:

    Binge watching Greece yt videos to prepare my future trip and your vlogs are the best I've found by far. Aesthetically pleasing and so informative (because you write down the name of the places even put the maps on description box – those simple things matter, thank you). Keep on creating, Kristina! New subscriber here..

  4. Nefeli n says:

    I actually live in naxos and our community is pretty small so im just sitting here laughing because the shops that you showed are actually owned by my family or friends ( the citron distillery for example is owned by my best friends family and the shop with the orange pie is actually like 10 metres from my house in halki 🤣)

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