Nepal Complete Tour Guide | Complete Nepal Travel Guide 2020 | Nepal Tour with Day-Wise Itinerary

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42 thoughts on “Nepal Complete Tour Guide | Complete Nepal Travel Guide 2020 | Nepal Tour with Day-Wise Itinerary

  1. It's About Nepal says:

    Nice overview. There are so many more things to see and do in Nepal. It's so beautiful everywhere. I think a person should spend at least 3 nights in Kathmandu and then 2 nights in Bhaktapur before going to Pokhara or Chitwan. I'm a retired American living in Kathmandu. I never get tired of it.

  2. Dilip Yakkha says:

    If anyone visits Nepal, please visit Chyasal.
    Chyasal is a small town, north of Patan in the Kathmandu valley.
    Chyasal was a place where 800 Kirati soldiers died while fighting the Licchavis army who came from India.
    Kiratis defended the Kathmandu valley bravely against the Licchavis. This place Chyasal was the final battlefield before the Licchavis defeated the Kiratis.
    This is how the name Chyasal came to be. Chyasal means 800 in newari language.
    I am proud to be Kirati.

  3. last ch. says:

    You missed patan durbar square,bhaktapur durbar square,royal palace in kathmandu valley along with many treking destinations in northern Nepal which are also major tourist attractions in Nepal

  4. What About Nepal says:

    We just got back from Pokhara just before the lock-down in March. I think my favorite site was the cave temple. We did a little video, too. I just love living here in Nepal. Just to put things in prospective, 1,000 rupee is worth about $8.50 or so. I know it can get confusing.

  5. Traveller's Tales says:

    ভাল লাগলো ভিডিও টা। আন্তর্জাতিক ভ্রমণের আনন্দ নিলাম বাড়ি বসে। যদি সম্ভব হয় তাহলে মুক্তিনাথ মন্দির ভ্রমণের বৃত্তান্ত দেবেন। যাকে বলে আপার মুষ্টাং। বেনি তাতোপানি ghasa jomsom etc
    Adventure priyo manush kina

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