New Hampshire Travel Guide – White Mountains & Lake Winnipesaukee

In the video we state Clarks Bears Amusement Park in Lincoln is closed, this is incorrect. The gift shop is closed til Memorial Day, but the park is open, so make …

25 thoughts on “New Hampshire Travel Guide – White Mountains & Lake Winnipesaukee

  1. Its Nick says:

    I’ll looking to get out of NJ and after realizing moving to west probably isn’t the best move at this point in time I’m going to consider NH and also Maine, hope to take trip soon but I love seeing your videos to give me an idea of places ahead of time so thank you for great content!

  2. Monksbattle Warwilling Unaffordable Movedowner says:

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  3. Yannick Pavlyuchenko says:

    I'm from France, and soon i'll live in Quebec, so it will be close to NH. I really really want to visit NH, and this video just make me more impatient. Doing a road trip here, damm, would be awesome.
    Btw your video is just amazing 😉

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