New York City Travel Guide

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  2. William Garry says:

    Ok everyone my man did a good job but he might not have some of the native knowledge you need to know. First and foremost, his pizza recommendations are totally wrong and tourists traps. Johns on bleeker, joes on 7th. Avoid dollar slices they’re great on a budget but you’re visiting, get the good stuff. In Brooklyn Difaras is best all NYC but its deep in Brooklyn, otherwise Lucalis is amazing in iconic neighborhood of carrol gardens Brooklyn. Brooklyn. You must spend at least 2 days in Brooklyn alone there’s just as much to do as in the city (Manhattan). You’re gonna want to see iconic Coney Island and get your Nathans hot dog, if you’re visiting during the summer you simply can’t pass on Coney Island. South Brooklyn (near Brooklyn bridge) is amazing and has some of the best restaurants in NY. If in season go to the Bronx for a Yankees game then arthur avenue after for dinner thats the real little Italy.
    Here’s the real pro tips:
    1. Walk fast on busy streets or you’ll see why we have a reputation (thats not true at all) for being rude, if you’re walking slow your actually the one being rude.
    2. This ONLY applies in busy areas during the rush. Don’t make eye contact or smile at strangers, especially on the subway. Again this is rude.
    3. If in a busy deli/store/pizzeria no small talk, the words please and thank you are meaningless. Give your order, get out the way, have your payment ready. Holding up the flow is again rude, and the cashier probably deals with thousands of people a day, they just cant give everyone attention.
    4. Avoid staten island, its a dump (no really it is) and the people there are terrible.

    Basically go by the old saying “when in rome, do as the romans do” NYC is Rome.
    Don’t be nervous, believe me we’re some of the friendliest people in the world despite what you heard. You need directions ask somebody (just not someone walking fast with their head down) you’ll get them, detailed with patience, and probably followed by a recommendation. Our night life is unmatched, make friends but don’t trust anyone if thats makes sense. Until you actually get to know them. It’s not that we’re untrustworthy it’s just that there are a lot of scams.
    Remember its a city of 8.5 million people and has as many as 15 even 20 million on a given day with commuters and tourists. Some are gonna be jerkoffs, but most are cool. We’re a city made up of every walk of life, and we pretty much all get along. We wouldn’t have it any other way. In NYC it doesn’t matter where you’re from/ what you believe, its how you act.
    Follow my advice and the videos you’ll have the time of your life! After all, it’s the greatest city in the world.

  3. whatsup02 says:

    12:42 Alex is not at all impressed with the new York pizza (comparing it to the all the pizzas he's had overseas). I would be the same. It looks like the kind of pizza you'd have at 2am in the morning after a night drinking and all restaurants are closed.

  4. Cosmic Truth says:

    Can you come to the city of Chennai in India ? It’s in the state of Tamil Nadu … it has got plenty to offer and talk about , culturally , historically, commercially and much more .

  5. Edward Bennett says:

    I’ve lived in America and had many disagreements about tipping ! In the UK and anywhere else in the world it is optional according to the service and the quality of the food or drink . My answer is that the owner of the restaurant or bar who pays the wages should pay more money to the server and that is usually a minimal abysmal wage , because if the service is lousy you still are obliged to tip ! That makes noooo sense to me ! I will never agree on imposed gratuity charges if the servos is good then it’s down to the discretion of the customer .

  6. campo870 says:

    I mean I love pizza, and Scott seems like a cool guy (hell I’d even go on his tour), but come on man, it’s just pizza. You’re describing it like it’s a 30 year old scotch. I’ve been all around the world, and it’s just pizza

  7. Oz El says:

    There is no reason not to tip???? I don't know.. Maybe – just maybe, I know it is unheard of stupid idea but maybe- waiters should be paid what they deserve from their employers, instead of being forced to depend their life on tips… I know it is an extreme idea.. an idea that has never been implemented or tried (except literally 150 countries on earth). Tip is a "voluntary" reward for an "extraordinary" service… are you tipping the plane pilot everytime he lands the plane? Are you tipping your doctor for treating you in a proper way? Are you paying extra tax when government renovates the road in front of your door or changes the sewage system? Are you tipping your teacher when he teaches?….. Nevertheless, should you tip in US? yes… but because waiters are paid no shit, and you feel pity of this issue.

  8. twildabuckingham says:

    You guys dont tip the starbucks barista who takes your order right? In Canada and anywhere I've traveled to the US, you tip when they wait on you, like you said, wait staff. But not when a person and I interact

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