Newfoundland Travel Guide – Top Things To See, Do, & Eat

Coming to Canada and want to see what makes Newfoundland so amazing and you’re based in St. John’s, here’s everything you need to know to plan your trip …

43 thoughts on “Newfoundland Travel Guide – Top Things To See, Do, & Eat

  1. Barbara Grant says:

    As a transplanted Newfoundlander , I love coming across these types of videos about this wonderful place I was born and grew up in. I MUST SAY THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS , you did a bang up job , so interesting to see places you visited, the food looked yummy, and your narration is superb. .

  2. Darren Sacrey says:

    Great video! Very thorough and well put together. Next time you should visit the West Coast. So many beautiful locations there as well. Over the past month I've begun making some drone video's highlighting some of these places. Feel free to check them out. Thanks again for your video. Great job!

  3. natalie colbourne says:

    There is an awesome new Brewery in Pilley's Island… Bumblebee Bight Inn and Brewery… Italian wood fired oven pizza, craft beers and some of the nicest rooms ever. Plus, it's in rural NFLD… away from the typical tourist places…the people are amazing.!!!!

  4. thatcarguytim says:

    @Going Awesome Places : Love the video! Grew up with neighbours from Newfoundland and visited when I was a kid. For sure want to go back! FYI – Cape Spear is the most easterly point in North America, not just Canada! Can't go any further east in North America! You're closer to London than you are to Vancouver, BC!

  5. The1EaredWonder says:

    My grandparents are Newfie’s, I’m from Washington state. They used to come down all the time before my grandfather passed in 2015. He’s buried in Spaniards Bay. I remember they would have full on conversations in their slang and I would have NO idea what they were saying. Miss my grandmother, once this virus dies down, I’m flying home to get screeched in!

  6. OG RIDER says:

    Thank you for posting the shoots about Newfoundland!! I'm recently corresponded with my 25 year-friend from Newfoundland through messanger. I'm Japanese, so both of us talk about our country again, then I tried to check your You Tube out this time!! Much respect from Japan!!

  7. Rubester 1219 says:

    Have wanted to visit , my grandma was born in Newfoundland so have heard a lot. Only thing is i hate seafood. Hopefully somewhere has some beed burgers , chicken or any non seafood!

  8. Erik The Travel Guy says:

    I really enjoyed your video. I haven't been to Newfoundland in a very long time but it's a truly remarkable place. Your video makes me want to head back for another visit soon. Keep up the great content!

  9. B Hanes says:

    never been to the province but i have been to fort mcmurray and these newfies are a joke and disgrace to Canada. Should never have let this group into our country. Give them back to England.

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