Norfolk Island Travel Guide

Welcome to an island that’s not your everyday South Pacific destination. Sure, Norfolk Island has been blessed with world-class beaches, a pristine environment, …

20 thoughts on “Norfolk Island Travel Guide

  1. Manfred K says:

    The Wife and I where on Norfolk Island last Month for 7 Nights. We really loved it. Wife is even talking about wanting to return again. I will try to make this wish true for her.
    My best Parts on the Island was Mt Pit and Emily Bay. The View from Mt Pit was impressive and the Beach at Emily Bay was the best I have ever been at.

  2. Margaret Dwight says:

    Sailed past this beautiful Island on a cruise in the '60's and made a wish to one day visit. This dream was realised in 2019 – what a remarkable, unforgettable place, loved every minute of it.

  3. Bill says:

    Beautiful. Unfortunately this is as close as I'll ever get. I'd love to release my potted Norfolk
    pine back to it's ancestral home. I've had it 47 years and it is too large to keep indoors any
    longer. Maybe I can start a fund raising campaign to introduce it back to the wild. (JK)

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