Nova Scotia : 12 BEST THINGS to Do & See! | Travel Guide

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47 thoughts on “Nova Scotia : 12 BEST THINGS to Do & See! | Travel Guide

  1. Three Star Vagabond says:

    Oh wow, that Maritime Museum looks wonderful! And trying the local brews and checking out that gorgeous scenery sounds quite appealing too. Seems like a great place for nature, quaint villages and…what was that? Fossils! Sign me up!

  2. Jeremy of New Scotland says:

    Beautiful video and commentary about my home province, hopefully once the pandemic is over we can enjoy visitors from all over once again. Yes make sure to do a follow up of the Cabot trail and some iconic Cape Breton waterfalls! Cheers

  3. Bella Madson says:

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  4. Gene Allen says:

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  5. scott a says:

    Wow this has sold me on Nova Scotia! I knew I loved Peggy's Cove, as I have such an affinity for lighthouses to begin with, but as you've beautifully shown, that is not all that this charming province has to offer. I remember watching your vlogs from there but not the specific places. Absolutely stunning. Speaking of Peggy's Cove lighthouse, it used to be post office!

  6. derekcolman says:

    I thought that you met Matt in Nova Scotia, but had known him before that from your college days. Now it seems you met somewhere else and went to Nova Scotia together. Maybe you could make a video of how you met and got together. I'm sure your followers would be interested in how your romance blossomed.

  7. cindyreddeer says:

    When I was a kid we lived in PEI from when I was two until I was seven. All my first memories were from the Maritimes. PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, one day I'll go back, or at least that's what I keep promising myself.

  8. Scottman895 Travel says:

    I love Nova Scotia! I went there two years ago, and I got to check out Halifax, Lunenburg, and Peggy's Cove. I did get to check out the Bay of Fundy during my trip too, and seeing the differences between high and low tide was incredible! I highly recommend checking out Burntcoat Head Park (not too bad of a drive from Halifax), and I was able to walk on the ocean floor there at low tide. I came back several hours later for high tide, and it felt like a totally different place due to the extreme tides! I'd love to check out the Cabot Trail one of these days! I really enjoyed this video!

  9. holisticmaya says:

    HOLY shit this is freaky. Yesterday my partner and I decided we were going to Nova Scotia in July. I can’t believe you just posted this!!! Hahaha so cool I can’t wait to watch it

  10. andrewnduati says:

    Dear Canada,

    Please open your borders to verifiably fully vaccinated people like me so I can visit Nova Scotia. I really want to go now, but I understand I'll have to wait.

    Keep safe and healthy up there our friendly neighbors to the north.



  11. Jocelyn Brown says:

    Feel so lucky to be from Cape Breton!! Nova Scotia is truly amazing, I recommend it to anyone. Daveyandsky are travel influencers who live in the highlands of Cape Breton and are a great source for recommendations if you come back 🙂

  12. Justin Brehm says:

    Thank you for the great video from what I've seen from Samuel and Audrey as well as delightful Travelers Nova Scotia, Halifax and a bunch of other places look great to visit thank you for your perspective

  13. kurn16 says:

    I would also add the lighthouse in Yarmouth as another great lighthouse. Time it right when the cat ferry is running it makes for a great sight. Cape split trail is a really good hike on the Bay of Fundy. I know there is more, I love living in Nova Scotia. If you get the chance you should come and see it!

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