Nova Scotia Travel Guide – The Best Road Trip Ideas | The Planet D

The best things to do in Nova Scotia from Cape Breton to the South Shore. This Nova Scotia travel guide takes you on a road trip through Nova Scotia.

48 thoughts on “Nova Scotia Travel Guide – The Best Road Trip Ideas | The Planet D

  1. Nyle Hotaling says:

    In revealted wisdom, that the Name of the land, U.S. is best Nova Scotia- Alba, not quite as good, but England, Albion is best- also, I've stated that this is the True Name, which Spirit and the various Airs recognize- I'll add that this should best be the Name of the land called Canada too. Current portents, needless to say- but it has been so for a long time. Canada and Scotland both had, in Myrrchzoic symbolsism, New Night; sibling Offspring symbols of this are Heroism, symbol for Scotland, and Thoroughness, symbol for Canada. This reflects a differentiation. New Night, or Union. As a Province of Canada, with a strongly contraindicated Constitutional Monarchism, Nova Scotia was the Beithe, of 13 Provinces. The 13 American sub-tribes also are perfectly attributed with the 13 oghams. Currently, only the Duir (Water Elder) and the Coll are present, of original 13. The lands associated with these sub-tribes are North Dakota through Wisconsin, Duir; South Dakota through Colorado region, Coll. Ireland has the symbol Gladness or Love; is not one of the 13 Hierarchical Countries, but Archetypical. Scotland became one of the 13 hierarchical when Britannia was removed, along with the Anglican Patriarchal Attribution, and the patron goddess, Bellona or Britannia. All Removed. Nova Scotia had the symbol Primal, Primitive, or Oversoul. The U.S., symbol Netherworld, Uethetexwihevej (planet Neptune), and in NW- but this is not the best; Yoga or Marriage; West, Beauty, Midgard, Lunar would be. Patriarchal Directions, Canada had the one called Return, NE Old Aeon, ( West now). U.S., has had the worst of the 32 Patriarchal Directions, roughly EEN, called Atavism and Penalty- but can shift to its best, NNE, easily if changing the name and language…

  2. Abra Cadabra says:

    I wonder how safe it would be for me to go there, considering that i'm highly allergic to shellfish. Even the cooking smells causes me a reaction. I dream about going to Japan, and i have the same issue. It looks like places like these cannot be on my bucket list. 🙁 All restaurants i assume, do serve shellfish on their menu so the risk of contamination is too high i guess….

  3. MCFC Fan says:


    Also "Nova Scotia" translates to "New Ireland".
    "Scotland" also translates to "Land of the Irish".
    Thid is because scotland was founded by an Irish kingdom and over hundreds of years Scotland became a completely separate nation, so when this part of Canada was named after Scotland by King James, he unknowingly named it after Ireland too.

  4. moha. belyasfamo says:

    i love nova scotia …..
    انا مغربي وأريد الهجرة انا وأسرة الصغيرة إلى nova scotia. كيف يمكنني أن أتقدم بطلب الهجرة الى هناك ……. المرجو المساعدة

  5. rhomacity says:

    If you plan to Kayak the Bay of Fundy, get a guide. The tides are very powerful and quite dangerous, even people who think they are expert sea kayakers should think twice about going out alone..

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