NYC Subway Travel Guide From a Local

25 Things you need to know before taking the NYC subway (especially helpful for tourists visiting with luggage)! Read more here: …

36 thoughts on “NYC Subway Travel Guide From a Local

  1. Edward Purssell says:

    The "don't get into an empty car if the others are full, because it might mean broken air conditioning" comment made me smile. That precise thing happened to us when we visited NY, but as we come from London we thought the heat was normal. We did wonder why the New Yorkers were getting on and then straight off again. Mind you, we may not have air conditioning in London, but we do have wide gates for luggage and people who need more room to get through.

  2. PJ B. says:

    Even after 12 years it's still confusing sometimes. The main routes I take – either for work, social or airports etc – I am very familiar with, but whenever friends visit me and we go sightseeing I still get confused. Express trains are a blessing and a curse.

  3. Raza Qazi says:

    Wish I knew this when I moved to NYC, you don't need a Metrocard and can use your credit card (with tap feature) or some phone applications. However, if you are here as a tourist and will use metro lot for a week for a month, only then buy a unlimited weekly metro card. Each ride costs $2.75 no matter where you go and an unlimited weekly pass costs $33, so do your math for the week and decide!

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