One day in NYC | New York City Travel Guide

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41 thoughts on “One day in NYC | New York City Travel Guide

  1. The Queen says:

    It's mah dream to be in NYC one day…n i really really hope that day day I'll made it… Hope one day I'll go to US (NYC) n start mah fashion career there…. ❤️❤️🗽 Lots of lovvveeeee to NYC…. 😘😘🗽❤️❤️❤️

  2. Amber86queenbee says:

    I like this format of what to do in one day. I would highly recommend seeing a Broadway show or go to Top of the Rock at night after Times Square. And for an early dinner to fit in to this agenda is have dinner at Sarabeth's or the Plaza's food hall or restaurants.

  3. Cesar 4nier says:

    Me and my wife are trying to get the F out of here and the passport office is close so we can’t get our baby’s passport. Ridiculous. We heard of ppl waiting since February and we only mailed his form in April. Im so pissed off we have to be stuck in this shit city because of this.

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