Outdoor Travel guide to Chattanooga Tennessee- UNBELIEVABLE WATERFALLS

Chattanooga was voted best adventure town by @Outside so I set off to bring you some of the best places to find waterfalls and adventure in this outdoor travel …

31 thoughts on “Outdoor Travel guide to Chattanooga Tennessee- UNBELIEVABLE WATERFALLS

  1. The Dude says:

    For off the beaten path when in Chattanooga make sure to visit North Chickamauga Gorge for hiking, climbing and class 3/4 whitewater about 15 minutes north of the city. The world renowned Tennessee Wall for traditional rock climbing in only 15 minutes west on the TN river. Raccoon Mountain also west of the city provides great overlooks, hiking and world class mountain biking. Cheers to adventure!

  2. gdavew63 says:

    Great video Alice. I love how you highlight places outside of Chattanooga too, like Fall Creek Falls State Park. I have a history with the state parks of TN. My grandfather (my mothers father) was the Superintendent in Charge of Fall Creek Falls from 1941-1952, and the resident superintendent of Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville, TN from 1940-1954. He was named superintendent of TN State Parks from 1943-1954. I believe my love for the outdoors comes from him.

  3. John K says:

    Such a beautiful place. I was there when I was a kid, I remember Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain. Have to go back and see all the other sights that I missed. Great video.

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